‘Siesta Key’ stars experience terrifying home invasion robbery

[ad_1]   We’re told the team believe fraudsters targeted Sam because of the expensive jewelry she flaunts on the TV show. Our sources say he has now deployed 24/7 armed guards at his home and police are still investigating. According to a police report, obtained by TMZ … several stars of the popular MTV series … Read more

Dyer Nichols’ mom won’t watch cop body cam footage after public release

[ad_1]   Dyer Nicholas‘Mom can’t bring herself to watch video of Memphis police beating her son so badly he died at the hospital — she says it’s too painful.’ Civil rights attorney Ben CrumpA representative for the Nichols family tells TMZ … Dyer’s mother, Rowan WellsPolice are still not interested in viewing the body camera … Read more

Protests over NYC Dyer Nichols murder boil over, most demonstrations peaceful

[ad_1] Play video content Protests against gruesome slaughter Dyer Nicholas Police riots erupted in NYC on Friday night, but overall protests across the country were largely peaceful. Check out this scene — a man standing on the hood of an NYPD vehicle in Times Square as protesters march against 5 former Memphis cops. will be … Read more

Al Sharpton slams ex-Memphis cop accused of killing Dyer Nichols

[ad_1] Play video content TMZ.com Al Sharpton Former Memphis police officers charged with murder Dyer NicholasTo say that all 5 policemen are black makes the situation even worse. We caught up with the Reverend on Friday outside the NBC studios in NYC … and he was tight-lipped after the release. Police body camera footage Shows … Read more

Bill Maher agrees, calling the personal call celebrity hypocrisy

[ad_1] Bill Maher There’s a confession — something he’s kept under wraps for years — that he flies private, and if anyone expresses outrage they can absorb it, because they would if they could. “Real Time” hosts climate change and how ridiculous the “everyone pitches in” concept is. As Bill says, we have to do … Read more

Amazon announces that a Tomb Raider movie is in the works

[ad_1]       Picture: Crystal Dynamics/Square Enix     The news was released yesterday Phoebe Waller-Bridge Created the TV adaptation for Crystal Dynamics’ long-running run Tomb Runner Right to Prime Video. On its own, that information might not be too surprising; Amazon is a habit Changing things upAnd we are in a time where … Read more

Blueface, Christian Rock’s ‘Marriage’ appears to be a video shoot

[ad_1] Play video content Chris Rock He has hinted that he will get married blue faceBut it seems that the marriage was just for show or for the cameras. The tumultuous couple appeared on set Friday — the day CR said “I do” while visiting a bridal store in DTLA. Lots of photos/clips from leaked … Read more

Top Air Force general sends memo warning of war with China in 2025

[ad_1]   A top US Air Force officer sent a shocking confession to his subordinates this week, warning of a war with China that he believes will unfold in the next two years. General Mike Minihan — a four-star officer — sent an internal memo Friday to the rank-and-file who report to him within Air … Read more

Olivia Wilde & Jason Sudeikis hug it out in public after a rough year

[ad_1] Olivia Wilde And Jason Sudeikis They seem to have put away their white flags following a drama-filled year following their split — because they’re so simpatico here. The former couple — who share two children together — hugged it out in public in L.A. on Friday … after a meeting we’re told they attended … Read more

Memphis PD closes Scorpion unit involved in Dyer Nichols’ death

[ad_1]   Special Task Force involving 5 officers Dyer Nicholas‘Death is smashed for good… a face after the top dog says he won’t do it. The Memphis Police Department announced Saturday that they are shutting down the Scorpion unit immediately … following public outcry. Output of body camera footage It shows Nichols being detained and … Read more

Television frontman Tom Verlaine has died at the age of 73

[ad_1]   Tom Verlaine TV Band’s lead guitarist and frontman — has died. His former partner’s daughter, Jessie Smith, confirmed his death to the New York Times on Saturday, saying he died in Manhattan after a brief illness. No other details were shared.   Verlaine and co. The group was hugely influential in the 70s … Read more