Is CIBC Stock a Buy in February 2023?

[ad_1] CIBC (TSX: Principal) had a rough ride as the market turned negative on the Canadian in 2022 Bank stocks. Contrarian investors with an eye on value and an appetite for high dividend yields are wondering if now is a good time to buy CIBC shares for their Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) or Registered Retirement … Read more

Canadian Stock Market vs U.S

[ad_1] Canadians may like to argue with our neighbors about who makes the best beer or who plays the best hockey, but when it comes to your portfolio, the real argument is, who has the best returns versus the Canadian stock market versus the US stock market? Both Canada and the United States are wealthy … Read more

How To Build a Dividend Portfolio in Canada 2023

[ad_1] If you’ve followed MDJ for a while, you’ll know that I’m a fan of two investment strategies. Index Investing and through investment of income Canada’s Best Dividend Stocks. I love index investing (also known as passive investing) for its simplicity, low cost, and ability to beat more active mutual fund returns over the long … Read more

Model Portfolio Returns for 2022 – Canadian Portfolio Manager Blog

[ad_1] Unless you were actually born yesterday, you probably already know that 2022 is an extraordinary year for investing… extraordinarily bad, that is. It doesn’t matter which asset mix you invest in. Both the stock and bond markets suffered double-digit losses, so even conservative investors with high bond holdings saw their portfolio values ​​decline. It’s … Read more

Why is an equity fund good for long term investment?

[ad_1] If you have some goals to achieve in life and you want to achieve financial stability, you may need to get financial planning. Financial planning is something that every person should consider. The investment market is flooded with numerous investment products. New investors may find it difficult to go through multiple investment schemes and … Read more