Dyer Nichols’ mom won’t watch cop body cam footage after public release

[ad_1]   Dyer Nicholas‘Mom can’t bring herself to watch video of Memphis police beating her son so badly he died at the hospital — she says it’s too painful.’ Civil rights attorney Ben CrumpA representative for the Nichols family tells TMZ … Dyer’s mother, Rowan WellsPolice are still not interested in viewing the body camera … Read more

Protests over NYC Dyer Nichols murder boil over, most demonstrations peaceful

[ad_1] Play video content Protests against gruesome slaughter Dyer Nicholas Police riots erupted in NYC on Friday night, but overall protests across the country were largely peaceful. Check out this scene — a man standing on the hood of an NYPD vehicle in Times Square as protesters march against 5 former Memphis cops. will be … Read more

Al Sharpton slams ex-Memphis cop accused of killing Dyer Nichols

[ad_1] Play video content TMZ.com Al Sharpton Former Memphis police officers charged with murder Dyer NicholasTo say that all 5 policemen are black makes the situation even worse. We caught up with the Reverend on Friday outside the NBC studios in NYC … and he was tight-lipped after the release. Police body camera footage Shows … Read more

Memphis PD closes Scorpion unit involved in Dyer Nichols’ death

[ad_1]   Special Task Force involving 5 officers Dyer Nicholas‘Death is smashed for good… a face after the top dog says he won’t do it. The Memphis Police Department announced Saturday that they are shutting down the Scorpion unit immediately … following public outcry. Output of body camera footage It shows Nichols being detained and … Read more