Nectar Mattress Lawsuit About “Made-In-USA” – Everyone Should Know In 2024

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I think you already know about the Nectar Mattress Lawsuit right?

You know what?

Nectar Mattress has faced legal challenges due to false advertising, deceptive pricing, and potential fiberglass exposure issues, leading to legal actions and settlements.

What Is The Evidence Presented By The Plaintiff In The Nectar Mattress Lawsuit?

Nectar Mattress has been involved in multiple legal actions in recent years. The most notable issues involve misleading claims about where their mattresses are made or assembled.

So, what’s the Nectar mattress lawsuit all about? What are the latest updates? 

Let’s take a closer look

YearType of IssueEntity InvolvedAllegationsOutcome/Status
2018False AdvertisingFederal Trade Commission (FTC)Nectar falsely advertised that its mattresses were “assembled in the United States.”Nectar agreed to stop making false claims about the origin of its products.
2021False AdvertisingFTCResident Home LLC falsely claimed DreamCloud mattresses were “100% USA-made.”Resident Home LLC paid $753,000 to settle charges and compensate affected customers.
2022Deceptive PricingClass Action Lawsuit in CaliforniaNectar misrepresented prices by showing fake retail prices and discounts.Lawsuit is in early stages of litigation.
OngoingFiberglass Exposure ConcernsVarious Law FirmsGathering claims from individuals exposed to fiberglass from Nectar mattresses.No class action lawsuit filed yet.

False Advertising

In 2018, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) accused Nectar of falsely advertising that its mattresses were “assembled in the United States.” 

In reality, the FTC said that Nectar imported its mattresses from China without any assembly in the US

Nectar agreed to a deal with the FTC to stop claiming their products were made or assembled in the US unless they met strict criteria.

A few years later, Nectar Sleep’s parent company, Resident Home LLC, faced another FTC complaint. This time, it was about DreamCloud, another mattress brand they owned. 

The FTC said that Resident Home falsely claimed DreamCloud’s mattresses were “proudly made with 100% USA-made premium quality materials.” These claims contradicted what the company had previously told the FTC.

To settle the 2021 charges, Resident Home LLC and its owner agreed to pay $753,000. 

The FTC started a process to compensate customers who bought DreamCloud mattresses because of the false “USA-made” claims.

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Deceptive Pricing

In October 2022, a class action lawsuit was filed against Nectar in California, accusing the company of misleading customers about their mattress prices. 

The lawsuit claims that Nectar showed fake retail prices and discounts, alleging that Nectar never sold any mattress at the “regular” price they advertised. 

This lawsuit is still ongoing.

Fiberglass Exposure

There is no class action lawsuit against Nectar for using fiberglass in their mattresses at the moment. 

Nectar Mattress Fiberglass LawsuitDetails
Current StatusNo class action lawsuit filed yet, but law firms might be preparing one.
Fiberglass UsageSome Nectar mattresses use fiberglass as part of the flame-retardant layer.
Benefits of FiberglassUsed for insulation in pipes and appliances; cheaper than other fire-retardant materials.
Health RisksCan cause skin, eye, and upper respiratory tract irritation, according to the Illinois Department of Public Health.
Potential IssuesFiberglass can escape from the mattress cover, leading to health problems and costly clean-ups.
Research FindingsFiberglass in mattress covers poses a health risk if not properly contained; manufacturers should provide adequate warnings.

However, some law firms are gathering claims from people who have had issues with fiberglass exposure from Nectar mattresses, similar to a lawsuit against Zinus mattresses.

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Who Is Zinus Mattress?

Zinus, a South Korean mattress company, faced a class action lawsuit concerning fiberglass in their memory foam mattresses. 

One customer claimed that when fiberglass came out of the mattress she bought for her daughter, it caused about $20,000 in damages.

The lawsuit was settled in August 2023.

What Is The Timeline Of The Nectar Mattress Lawsuit?

Here is a timeline of the key events in the Nectar Mattress lawsuits

YearKey EventsLawsuit TypeKey AllegationsStatus
2018FTC complaint: Nectar falsely advertised mattresses as made in the USA when imported from China. – Nectar settled, agreeing to stop false claims.False AdvertisingNectar falsely claimed mattresses were made in USA. – DreamCloud falsely advertised using “100% USA-made” materials.Settlement with FTC.
2021FTC complaint: DreamCloud falsely claimed using “100% USA-made premium materials.” – Settlement: Resident Home LLC paid $753,000.False AdvertisingNectar advertises fake discounts, never selling at “regular” prices.Ongoing litigation in CA.
Oct 2022Class action lawsuit filed in California for deceptive pricing practices. – Allegations: Nectar advertises fake discounts.Deceptive PricingReports of fiberglass exposure in Nectar mattresses.Potential future lawsuit.
Apr 2022Recall: Nectar recalls 700 Premier Mattresses due to potential fire hazard.Fiberglass ExposureNectar advertises fake discounts, never selling at “regular” prices.Ongoing litigation in CA.
2023– Law firms gather claims of fiberglass exposure in Nectar mattresses for potential future lawsuit.

What Is The Current Status Of The Nectar Mattress Lawsuit? – 2024 Updates

The Nectar Mattress lawsuits have had different outcomes and statuses. 

Firstly, they faced legal action for falsely claiming their mattresses were “Made-In-USA” when they were actually imported from China. This issue was settled with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in 2018. 

However, in 2021, a similar false advertising lawsuit was filed against DreamCloud, another brand owned by Nectar’s parent company. The company settled this case by paying $753,000 and agreeing not to make false claims in the future

Another ongoing lawsuit, filed in October 2022 in California, alleges deceptive pricing practices by Nectar. It claims that Nectar manipulates its mattress prices by displaying fake discounts and never selling products at their supposed “regular” prices

As for concerns about fiberglass exposure in Nectar mattresses, while there is currently no class action lawsuit, there’s speculation that one might arise in the future. 

Some law firms are collecting complaints from individuals who have experienced issues with fiberglass exposure, similar to a previous case involving Zinus mattresses. 

You Know What?

“The false advertising complaints have been resolved, the deceptive pricing lawsuit is still ongoing, and there’s potential for a future lawsuit related to fiberglass exposure.

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What People Commenting On the Internet About Nectar Mattress Lawsuit?

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People Also Ask

What is the Nectar Mattress Lawsuit about?

A customer is suing Nectar Brand, claiming they falsely advertise sale prices that are actually the full price.

Where was the Nectar Mattress Lawsuit filed?

The lawsuit was filed in a California federal court.

Why is the plaintiff suing Nectar Brand?

The plaintiff alleges that Nectar falsely advertises discounts on its products, which are actually the regular prices

What does the plaintiff claim about Nectar’s advertisements?

The plaintiff says that Nectar’s advertisements, including regular prices, discounts, and countdown timers, are all false.

What is the plaintiff seeking in the lawsuit?

The plaintiff is seeking damages, fees, costs, and a jury trial for violations of consumer laws, breach of contract, breach of warranty, and negligent misrepresentation.

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