Is Smoothstack Is A Real Company?

Yes, Smoothstack is a real company, and it’s making waves in the tech world. Imagine you’re fresh out of school with all the raw skills but no formal experience. 

Smoothstack is like a trusty guide on a mountain trek. They grab aspiring tech professionals, give them solid training, and then help them land jobs with top employers.

One employee compared the experience to a boot camp, intense but rewarding, prepping you for real-world challenges.

If you’re curious, check out their official site at Smoothstack

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Published on June 06, 2024”

Is Smoothstack Legit?

Is Smoothstack Is A Real Company?

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Yes, Smoothstack is a Legitimate company. Think of it like this: you’ve just finished school and are struggling to get your first tech job. 

Smoothstack helps by training you and then finding you a job with big companies or government agencies.

Someone described it as a tough but rewarding tech boot camp. The starting pay might be low, but the experience is valuable. 

Who Is The Owner Of SmoothStack?

Smoothstack is owned by John Akkara, who also started the company and is its CEO.

What Inspired John Akkara To Start SmoothStack?

John Akkara was inspired to initiate Smoothstack in 2018 to help bridge the IT talent shortage gap and further, the best and brightest diverse talent to enter the IT industry via a merit-driven system. 

Akkara previously led a global IT services firm and held roles at UBS, Silver Point Capital, and Bank of America before founding Smoothstack.

Akkara’s goal with Smoothstack is to build a community of recent graduates, veterans, universities, and companies that transforms the IT hiring landscape using modern, AI-powered workforce development programs. 

The name “Smoothstack” was carefully chosen after months of debate to capture this mission of smoothing the path for exceptional diverse talent to enter the IT field.

What Are The Challenges Did John Akkara Face When Starting SmoothStack?

You know what?

John Akkara faced big challenges when he started Smoothstack. He saw that just working hard and having a degree wasn’t enough to get a good job in IT. Knowing the right people was more important, leaving many talented people struggling to find work.

When John teamed up with Prashanth Ram to start an IT consulting firm, they ran into a problem. It was really hard to find the best engineers.

They found a great way to train people, like discovering treasure on a desert island. They wanted to share this method with everyone so that anyone who wanted to be an engineer could have a fair chance.

As Smoothstack got bigger, John had a new challenge: making sure everything stayed on track. It was like trying to make a paper boat bigger without it falling apart. 

But with the right team and some effort, he’s determined to keep moving forward.

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What Were The Initial Financial Challenges John Akkara Faced When Starting SmoothStack?

John Akkara faced several financial challenges when starting Smoothstack

Scaling the homegrown training approach

Akkara and his co-founders, Prashanth Ram and Boris Kuiper, developed a custom training framework that was successful in elevating aspiring developers. 

However, scaling this model to provide a reliable pipeline of custom-trained talent for top-tier tech companies was a significant financial challenge.

Raising capital

Akkara had to secure funding to support the growth of Smoothstack, which involved developing and deploying software engineers. 

This required significant investment in training, infrastructure, and marketing to attract top talent and clients.

Building a sustainable business model

Akkara had to create a sustainable business model that could generate revenue while providing merit-based career opportunities to aspiring software engineers. 

This involved developing a system that could efficiently source, train, and deploy talent to meet the needs of clients while ensuring the financial viability of the company.

These financial challenges were crucial to overcome in order to establish Smoothstack as a successful and innovative workforce development organization.

What Are The Strategies Did John Akkara Use To Attract Investors To SmoothStack?

John Akkara did a few things to get investors interested in Smoothstack

“John Akkara made a clear mission and vision. In 2018, he started Smoothstack. He wanted to help different kinds of people get into the IT industry. He did this by looking at their skills, not just who they knew. This idea made investors want to help.”

He got a good team together. He got smart people who knew about IT, money, and business. This made investors feel like Smoothstack was in good hands.

Smoothstack’s plan could grow. Akkara made a plan that could make money and help people get good jobs. Showing that Smoothstack could get bigger made investors want to be a part of it.

Smoothstack got some early wins. They got people interested in their plan. They also got some big friends to help them out. This made investors think Smoothstack was going to be successful.

Akkara used his friends and his good name. He knew a lot of people and they all knew he was good at what he did. This made investors trust Smoothstack even more.

With these things, like a clear plan, a good team, a plan to grow, early wins, and Akkara’s good name, Smoothstack got a lot of money. 

This helped Smoothstack grow and help even more people get good jobs in IT.

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How Did John Akkara Secure Initial Funding For SmoothStack?

John Akkara got some money to start Smoothstack. It was a lot of money! Viking Global Investors helped with this. In 2023, they gave Smoothstack $132 million. 

This was the most money Smoothstack had gotten at once.

Who Are The Key Investors In SmoothStack’s Initial Funding Round?

Key investors in SmoothStack’s are,

Viking Global InvestorsSeries D Funding Round Leader$132 million
CapitalGAlphabet’s Growth-Stage InvestmentParticipation
Morgan Stanley CounterpointParticipation
Pritzker PartnersChicago-basedParticipation
Moonshots CapitalLos Angeles-basedParticipation
Scout VCAustin, Texas-basedParticipation

What Are the Future Funding Plans For SmoothStack?

You know what?

SmoothStack hasn’t mentioned what they’ll do for future funding. But they did get a lot of money before, like $132 million in 2023. This money came from Viking Global Investors. 

It will probably help SmoothStack grow more and move into new markets and industries.

What Are The Expected Milestones For SmoothStack In The Next Year?

In the next year, SmoothStack might aim to,

  1. Keep growing and training more people to become software engineers from different backgrounds.
  2. Get more money or make partnerships to grow their business and help more clients find skilled tech workers.
  3. Expand to new places beyond Herndon, Virginia, where they’re based now.
  4. Make their training program even better to match what companies need.
  5. Keep focusing on including different kinds of people in the tech industry, maybe by making new goals or plans.

What Are The New Technologies Will SmoothStack Focus On In The Next Year?

In the next year, SmoothStack might focus on

  1. Generative AI and Machine Learning: They’ll use AI and machine learning more to improve how they train and place workers.
  2. Chatbots and Conversational AI: They might use chatbots and AI to make customer service better, especially in banking.
  3. Cloud Services and DevOps: They’ll probably use cloud services and DevOps tools to give clients better and faster solutions.

These new technologies will help SmoothStack keep improving and offer more services, which will help bridge the gap in IT talent and change how companies hire IT workers.

Final Word About Smoothstack is a Real Company Or Not

Yes, Smoothstack is a real company. Founded by John Akkara, Prashanth Ram, and Boris Kuiper, they train and deploy junior software engineers. 

They offer intense real-world training, equivalent to 2-3 years of experience. Smoothstack values diversity and inclusivity, giving opportunities to people from different backgrounds. Their merit-based system selects the best candidates, no matter their race or gender.

Their training is well-regarded, with a high rate of engineers becoming full-time employees and low turnover. 

The founder’s custom training framework has been successful, helping aspiring developers and pleasing clients. 

Smoothstack’s unique model and successful track record confirm its legitimacy in providing top-tier tech talent.

People Also Ask

What is Smoothstack, Inc.?

Smoothstack, Inc. is a company that provides training for people to work in technology (IT) jobs. They promise to train workers and help them get jobs at big companies like Accenture, Verizon, and CapitalOne.

What is the lawsuit about?

The lawsuit claims that Smoothstack tricks people into signing contracts that make them work long hours for low wages. These contracts also make workers owe a lot of money if they want to leave the job.

What are TRAPs?

TRAPs are agreements that force workers to stay in their jobs for a long time or pay a large amount of money if they leave early. Smoothstack uses these to keep workers in their jobs.

How does Smoothstack allegedly mistreat its employees?

Smoothstack allegedly doesn’t pay employees for their work during training and pays them very little afterward. They also make workers sign contracts that keep them stuck in low-paying jobs.

What happens if workers want to leave Smoothstack?

If workers want to leave before completing a certain number of hours, they have to pay Smoothstack a large amount of money, even if they haven’t been paid well during their time there.

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