How to Cancel AAA Auto Insurance: A Step-By-Step Guide

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Quick Takeaways for How to Cancel AAA Auto Insurance?

To cancel AAA Auto Insurance:

  • Call or visit your local agent.
  • Give them your name, policy number, and the cancellation date.
  • If you paid upfront, you might get money back for the unused time.
  • Watch out for possible cancellation fees, but they might not say how much.
  • If your life is changing (like moving or getting a new car), you might just need to update your info instead of cancelling.
  • If you’re switching to a new insurance, make sure the new one is active before cancelling the old one to avoid gaps in coverage and higher costs later.

You know what?

Policyholders aren’t able to cancel “AAA Insurance”.

To cancel AAA auto insurance, you have a few options. 

Contact AAA Customer Service

Call AAA’s customer service. You can find the contact number on your insurance policy documents or on the official AAA website.

Be prepared to provide your policy number and any other necessary information.

Speak with a Representative

When you call, explain that you want to cancel your auto insurance policy.

Be ready to answer questions about why you’re cancelling. They may try to address any concerns or offer alternatives.

Request Confirmation in Writing

Ask for written confirmation of your cancellation. This is important for your records and to ensure there’s no misunderstanding later.

Return Any Necessary Documents

If AAA requires any physical documents or items, such as your insurance card, make sure to return them promptly.

Cancel Automatic Payments

If you have set up automatic payments, make sure to cancel them to avoid any future charges.

Check for Refunds or Outstanding Balances

Inquire about any refunds for prepaid premiums or check if there are outstanding balances that need to be settled.

Follow Up

After cancelling, monitor your bank statements to ensure that no further payments are deducted.

Remember that the specific steps may vary based on your location and the terms of your insurance policy. 

Always refer to your policy documents or contact AAA directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the cancellation process.


If you paid for your AAA insurance for the whole period and decide to cancel, AAA will give you money back for the part of the time you didn’t use. 

However, they might charge some people a fee for cancelling, but they don’t say how much. 

Check your policy details or ask your local agent about any fees.

Remember, you don’t have to cancel your policy just because things in your life are changing. If you move or get a new car, just let AAA know so they can update your address or vehicle details.

If you’re cancelling your current AAA policy to switch to another company, make sure to start your new policy before ending the old one.

This way, you’ll have continuous coverage and won’t end up paying more for insurance later on.

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Does AAA Offer Full Coverage Insurance?

How Drivers can cancel their AAA insurance?

You can stop your AAA car insurance whenever you want, even if you just got a new policy. 

If you paid for the whole insurance upfront, AAA will probably give you back money for the time you didn’t use.

To cancel, you’ll need to call AAA and give them your full name, AAA policy number, and the date you want to stop the insurance. 

When you call, also ask about:

  • Fees for cancelling

AAA doesn’t say if they charge fees, but some people mentioned paying 10% of what was left on their insurance.

  • Getting money back

Usually, insurance companies refund unused money if you paid everything in advance. The exact amount can be different, so ask a AAA representative about possible refunds.

The right time to cancel your AAA car insurance

Here is the right time to cancel your AAA Auto Insurance,

  • You moved to a different state, and AAA doesn’t cover you there.
  • You want to combine your home and car insurance with a different company.
  • You don’t drive as much anymore, and you’re thinking of changing your insurance.
  • You sold your car and won’t have one in the future.
  • Because of Insurance is more expensive

If you’re selling your car but still need to drive, instead of cancelling your insurance completely, ask about non-owners insurance. It usually covers rental and borrowed cars and is usually cheaper.

Whatever the reason, make sure to have a new car insurance plan with another company before cancelling your current one. 

This way, you won’t have a gap in coverage and won’t end up paying more for insurance later on.


Cancelling AAA Auto Insurance involves contacting the company directly, either through their customer service or local agent. 

Whether you choose to call or visit in person, providing your name, policy number, and desired cancellation date is crucial. 

Keep in mind that if you’ve paid your premium in full, AAA typically refunds the unused portion. 

However, be aware of potential cancellation fees, which may vary. It’s advised to carefully review your policy details or consult with your local agent for specific information. 

Additionally, if life changes prompt the need for adjustments, like a change of address or a new vehicle, updating your policy might be preferable to cancelling it altogether. 

Lastly, if you’re switching to another insurer, ensure your new policy is active before cancelling with AAA to avoid a lapse in coverage and potential higher premiums in the future.


How do I cancel my AAA Auto Insurance?

You can cancel by calling 1-877-387-8378 or visiting your local AAA agent. Provide your name, policy number, and the date you want to cancel.

Can I cancel my AAA policy at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your AAA Auto Insurance at any time. There is no specific restriction on when you can initiate the cancellation process.

What information do I need to cancel my AAA policy?

You’ll need your full name, AAA policy number, and the effective cancellation date when contacting AAA to cancel your auto insurance.

Will I get a refund if I’ve paid my premium in full?

Yes, if you’ve paid your premium in full, AAA will likely refund the unused portion for the remaining time on your policy.

Are there cancellation fees for ending my AAA Auto Insurance?

AAA doesn’t openly disclose cancellation fees. It’s recommended to check your policy details or contact your local agent for information on potential fees.

Can I update my information instead of cancelling if I have a change in circumstances?

Yes, if you’re experiencing life changes such as moving or buying a new car, consider updating your information with AAA rather than cancelling the policy.

What should I do if I’m switching to another insurance company?

Before cancelling your AAA policy to switch to a new insurer, make sure your new policy is active. This prevents a lapse in coverage and potential increases in future premiums.

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