Fintechzoom Auto Loan Calculator | Step By Step Process

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FintechZoom Auto Loan Calculator helps you to find the accurate instalment amount and interest rate of your new car. 

By using this type of loan calculator, it helps you to relax from finding interest rates and other financial insights on your own.

In this article, we’ll detailly guide you to know more details about FintechZoom auto loan calculators, how it works, what are the benefits by using auto loan calculators and other related stuff.

FintechZoom Loan Calculator Online

What is FintechZoom Auto Loan Calculator?

What is FintechZoom Auto Loan Calculator?

FintechZoom loan calculator is a tool that helps you to find quick and accurate results about auto loans.

This type of auto loan calculator helps you to calculate some insights like,

  • Monthly payment on mortgage
  • Total payment for auto loan
  • Down payment
  • Term payment

By using this FintechZoom auto loan calculator you can also adjust the loan amount and interest rate as per your convenience. Comparison gives you some ideas about auto loans.

FintechZoom auto loan calculator also shows an amortization table which helps to see principal amount and interest rate of loan.

How FintechZoom Auto Loan Calculator Works?

How FintechZoom Auto Loan Calculator Works?

Here is the step by step process about Fintechzoom loan calculator,

Step 1 –  Visit FintechZoom website and click “Fintech Loan Calculator

Step 2 –  Enter the loan amount, interest rates, term time. 

Step 3 –  Select the loan type available options such as, personal loan, auto loan, mortgage loan etc.

Step 4 – Once you complete the entire information click the “calculate” button. Now, FintechZoom loan calculators generate the loan repayment schedules, interest rates and monthly payment, overall cost and other related stuff.

Step 5 – You know what? The loan calculator also displays an amortization table to show principal amount and interest portions.


If you need to check different loan options, the Fintechzoom loan calculator allows you to do so. By doing this, you will be able to identify the most suitable loan.

Result You Will Get From FintechZoom Loan Calculator

By using FintechZoom Loan calculator you will get four different results, they are

  1. Monthly payment
  2. Total payment
  3. Interest rates
  4. Amortization Schedule

Monthly Payment

By using FintechZoom calculator you will get an accurate monthly payment amount to pay on every month.

Total Payment

On the FintechZoom calculator you are also able to see how much total amount you need to pay to complete your entire loan with addition of interest rates.

Interest rates

By using this calculator you will also be able to see accurate interest rates of your loan amount. 

Amortization Schedule

This table helps you to show how the loan amount and interest rates are changing over and over time.

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Example of FintechZoom Loan Calculator Process

Here is the example which helps you to do loan calculator with the help of FintechZoom,

Step 1 – Visit FintechZoom Website

Step 2 – Enter the loan amount on first column

Step 3 – Enter the number of years on the second column. (You can choose from 10 to 30 years even more)

Step 4 – Enter Interest rates on the third column (APR)

Step 5 – Enter the down payment on the fourth column. (If you need to buy a $100,000 home and make 10% of the down payment, you need to enter $20,000 in this fourth column.

Step 6 – Next, click the “Calculate” button to see the result.

That’s it.

What are the Benefits of using FintechZoom Auto Loan Calculator?

Benefits of using FintechZoom Auto Loan Calculator

You know what?

By using FintechZoom auto loan calculator you will get more benefits like,

  1. Get accurate report
  2. Time saving
  3. Financial planning
  4. 24/7 accessible
  5. Transparency
  6. Improved decision making

Get accurate report

By using Fintechzoom auto loan calculator you will get accurate results about total loan amount, interest rates and Amortization schedule.

Time saving

Using an auto loan calculator helps you to get immediate results, and it saves more time from manual checking.

Financial planning

Based on the loan calculator result it is easy for you to plan your financial plan as per your own.

24/7 Accessible

Auto Loan calculator is available on 24/7. So, you can check whenever you want. 


Using an auto loan calculator from FintechZoom shows transparency results. No hidden details avaialble.You can trust.

Improved decision making

By calculating loans using FintechZoom you can make your own decisions.

Ideas to save money on Mortgage

Here are some ways to save money from a mortgage.

  • Improve your credit scores if it low
  • Make higher down payment to reduce the monthly mortgage payment
  • Choose shorter loan term
  • Choose the best loan provider with less interest
  • Refinance your mortgage

Wrap up

The FintechZoom auto loan calculator is the best tool to find a mortgage loan. This type of loan calculates interest rates, monthly payment, down payment and other related stuff accurately.

However, If you are ready to apply for a loan kindly get advice from lenders and financial planners.

People Also Ask

Does the FintechZoom Loan Calculator give accurate information?

Yes, the FintechZoom Loan calculator gives accurate information.

Can I use the FintechZoom Calculator for Commercial purposes?

Yes, you can use FintechZoom calculator for commercial uses.

Is the FintechZoom Calculator Free?

Yes, FintechZoom Calculator is completely free to use.

FintechZoom Loan Calculator Provides Amortization Schedule?

Yes, FintechZoom loan calculator provides an amortization schedule.

Can I compare different mortgages with the FintechZoom Loan Calculator?

Yes, you can compare different mortgages with FintechZoom loan calculator.

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