Seattle Motorcycle Accident Lawyer, WA

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Seattle Motorcycle Accident Lawyer – In the state of Washington, Seattle is one of the amazing places surrounded with many areas including beautiful sceneries. This place is always loved by Motorcyclists to ride. But, there are some disadvantages. 

What is it?

Motorcyclists face some injury in this ride because of traffic and also need to face challenges from insurance companies to get his/her compensations and also from the party’s fault.

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If you do not get a fair amount of compensation from your insurance company or fault people, Seattle motorcycle accident lawyer is really helpful to you to get fair settlements from the insurance company legally.

Seattle Motorcycle Accident Lawyer, WA

Relevant Laws To Know While Motorcycling In Seattle, WA

According to the Washington Traffic Safety Commission, there are only 8% of motorcycle users using the road in Seattle.

But, 18% of accidents happen by motorcycle in Seattle and cause severe damages and serious injuries to the people.

If you are an rider or using Motorcycle you need to follow traffic rules sincerely, If you not follow the traffic rules you will need to face the consequences by traffic police.

If you follow the traffic rules and laws, it will reduce the accidents that happen by motorcycle in Seattle, WA. It will also remove liability from yourself from collision.

Here are the laws you need to know before riding a motorcycle in Seattle, WA.

  1. License and Training
  2. Helmet Laws
  3. Driving under Influences

License and Training

If you need to use a motorcycle in the state of Washington, you must have a Licence. Yes according to the road rules, a person with having License are allows to ride a Motorcycle in Seattle, unless you caught by a police without having licence on driving, you will be spotted by fine and get punishment by Law.

You Know what?

Endorsed riders’ collision percentage is less compared to new riders in Seattle, WA. You can buy a Motorcycle without License endorsement, but you can’t drive it. So, you need to get Licence from reputed motorcycle training schools.

If you trained in Motorcycle school you can avoid collisions.

Helmet Laws

In Seattle, WA you need to obey helmet law (Universal Motorcycle Helmet Law). This Law indicates that all motorcycle riders must have to wear helmets. Wearing a helmet avoids major injuries on your head during any collision.

Driving under Influences

You should not drink alcohol while driving on your motorcycle. In Washington, Riding a motorcycle using alcohol is illegal. So, when you decide to drive a motorcycle you should avoid alcohol first.

How Motorcycle Accidents happens in Seattle, WA

Seattle Motorcycle Accident Lawyer, WA

All you know is that Motorcycle accidents give severe damages and sometimes it leads to death.

Here are the reason why motorcycle accident happens in Seattle, WA

  • Most motorcycle accidents happen by over speed in traffic places.
  • Using drugs and alcohol while driving a motorcycle leads to accidents
  • Lane Changing unnecessary by motorcyclists
  • Some Fellows open car doors in the path of motorcycle way
  • Behind or ahead car suddenly stops leading to an accident collision
  • Cross the road without intimate any signals leads to accident (Left turn accident, Right turn accident)
  • Accidents mostly happen by dangerous roads like gravel, potholes, snow and standing water.
  • Using a phone while driving
  • Not obeying traffic rules and regulation while on the signal point.

You need to know that Motorcycle accidents cause minor and major injuries. In Seattle, WA Motorcyclists every day get in an accident and suffer major injuries. Sometimes the accident gives major injuries and requires costly medical treatments, and emergency surgery and riders take more time to recover from it (2 to 6 months).

If you have Motorcycle insurance then you can claim it. If the process takes time or is hard to claim, hire a motorcycle accident lawyer in Seattle.

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What Are The Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries?

Seattle Motorcycle Accident Lawyer, WA

Our expert team cross checked all lawyers, accident riders and witness people regarding what injuries mainly occur during motorcycle accidents. Finally we point out some of the common motorcycle accident injuries during collision,

They are,

  1. Road Rash
  2. Degloving
  3. Broken Bones
  4. Burns
  5. Head Injury
  6. Paralysis
  7. Bikers Arm damage

Road Rash

Riders will get severe injuries on pavement while sliding across the road. If they are not wearing any protective clothes then it will cause serious injury to the rider’s skin.


When you get severely injured, degloving occurs when the skin on the hand or foot is completely removed.

Broken Bones

When you get severely injured, your bones have high chances to break.


Sometimes during high collisions, gasoline will leak in your motorcycle. It will burn you so be careful.

Head Injury

While driving a motorcycle you need to wear a helmet first, it is mandatory it will save you from major injury. But, if you get in an accident without wearing a helmet you have high chances to get severe injury on your head. So be careful while driving.


Paralysis is a common factor for all riders in motorcycle accidents. During collision time riders will suffer from trauma to spine, neck injury or in spine.

If this happens to you then your body can’t communicate with each other and leads to you in paralysis. (Sad thing to hear).

Bikers Arm damage

If you have an accident, then you have high chances on your arm to become damaged. So, While riding a motorcycle, wear protective clothes.

Common Motorcycle Accident Happens In Seattle

Seattle Motorcycle Accident Lawyer, WA

Motorcycle accidents happen in Seattle, WA every day. Here are the most common reason why it happens on all time,

  1. Left turn accidents
  2. Rear end accidents
  3. Sideswipe accidents
  4. Road condition
  5. Drunk and Drive
  6. Unsafe lane changes
  7. DUI (Driving under influence)

What Does A Seattle Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Do After an Accident Happens?

You know what? Every person faces more difficulties filing a claim for insurance in Seattle. In this time Seattle motorcycle accident lawyer needs us to claim your insurance policy without any disturbance. 

Hiring motorcycle accident lawyers help you to get good compensation from the opposite party and insurance company.

Here are the basic steps all Seattle motorcycle accident lawyers will handle the accident cases.

  1. Motorcycle accident lawyers check your insurance policy documents first.
  2. Lawyers obtain a copy of your accident report
  3. Motorcycle accident lawyer will investigate your injury and check nature of accident
  4. Accident lawyers speak with accident reconstructionist and medical professionals about accidents.
  5. A Seattle motorcycle accident lawyer collects all evidence like photos, camera footage and so on.
  6. Lawyer will calculate the cost of injury and ask for a compensation fee.
  7. He will negotiate with the insurance company, if they do not accept the compensation amount then he/she will represent the claim in a jury trial.
  8. Motorcycle accident lawyer provides update information to his/her client regularly

Compensation Ask By Injured Bikers?

Here the the most compensation types asked by most injured bikers in  Seattle, They are,

  • Injured people ask for medical bills
  • Injured people ask money for current and future life
  • If injured person lost wages or lost earning capacity he/she will ask for compensation amount
  • If injured person vehicle get damage, he/she will ask for compensation
  • Emotional Disasters

Best Seattle Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Washington

Here are the best Seattle motorcycle accident lawyer in Washington, they are

  1. Boohoff Law
  2. Lehmbecker Law 
  3. Colburn Law
  4. Certa Law
  5. Dubin Law Group

Wrap up

If you are looking for the best Seattle motorcycle accident lawyer to claim your insurance policy to get good compensation, you can read this blog. In this blog our expert gives the best motorcycle accident lawyer details.

If you choose any lawyer for your cases, let you know in the comments.


Do you have to wear a helmet in Seattle?

Yes, You need to wear a helmet in Seattle.

Do you have to wear eyewear protection in Seattle?

Wearing eyewear protection in Seattle is not mandatory but wearing this will be more protective for your riding.

Are there restrictions on the age of the passenger in Seattle, WA?

No, there is no restriction on the age of the passenger in Seattle, WA.

Is lane splitting allowed in Seattle, WA?

No, Lane splitting is not allowed in Seattle, WA.

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