The top 5 crypto gainers and losers this week

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As the crypto market counts down days to the end of the financial year 2022, we look at this week’s list of the top gainers and losers. Some top coins have recorded unprecedented price changes.

Biggest gainers this week

Recent analysis shows between December 4th and 11th, doubled in value from $0.06 to $0.12. While the coin surged to $0.12, However the coin had slightly dropped in value at the time of writing to about $0.9.

As per CoinGecko’s list of top gainers in the week was MXC, which surged by over 60% in the week. MXC moved from about $0.027 to a high of $0.049 in the week. While the token is trading at just about $0.04, this is still a significant improvement compared to the price seven days ago.

Another big gainer this week is SingularityNET which gained about 47% in value in the period. Singularity NFT surged from $0.04 to over $0.06 sometime this week.

CoinGecko also highlighted other big gainers like Blox gained about 38% this week, while Numeraire closed the week with a gain of over 30%. The five biggest losers in the past seven days include BinaryX, WEMIX, Evmos, Juno, and Volt Inu.

Crypto market surged in the week

The crypto market has been recording some uncertain price actions this week. According to CoinMarketCap charts earlier this week, the crypto market capitalization stood at $858 billion. At the time of reporting, the crypto market’s capitalization was about $856 billion.

Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency, has maintained its market grip this week, with its market cap steadying at $330 billion at the time of writing. In the week, the Bitcoin market cap dropped to just $322 billion when the token’s value dropped below $16.7k. At the moment, Bitcoin is trading at just about $17.2k and has been slightly bullish in the past 24 hours.

The second largest asset Ethereum also recorded minor price improvements in the past few days. In fact, according to stats, the coin was trading at $1297 on Monday this week.

DeFi market recorded plunges

Like the general cryptocurrency market, DeFi tokens also recorded some heavy losses in the past seven days. According to data ranks, top coins like UNI, AVAX, LINK, and AAVE took up some small losses over the week.

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