Renowned investor Raoul Pal names ‘magic level’ bitcoin hits before surging

[ad_1] Raoul Pal — renowned investor, co-founder and CEO of Real Vision — suggested that the cryptocurrency market is near its bottom. In a lengthy Dec. 12 Twitter thread, Pal revealed that he “noticed in the past is episodes of low 30-day realized volatility have coincided with lows in the crypto market.” When it comes … Read more

Bitcoin Remains Calm in Anticipation of Tuseday’s CPI Release (Weekend Watch)

[ad_1] The cryptocurrency market has remained calm over the past 24 hours with unimpressive volumes, which is rather typical for the weekend. It’s also worth noting that market participants might be cautious before the release of November’s CPI numbers. Bitcoin Stable at $17K Bitcoin’s price has failed to produce any significant movements in the past … Read more

German imprisoned for attempting to hire hitman online with Bitcoin

[ad_1] The Berlin district court sentenced a man to prison time for repeated attempts to hire a hitman by paying with Bitcoin (BTC) on the deep web. An announcement published by Berlin’s prosecutor’s office explains that the 28-year-old defendant was in love with a 38-year-old man that he met online in 2020. The 38-year-old moved … Read more

Middle Schoolers Learn Bitcoin Lessons – Bitcoin Magazine

[ad_1] This is an opinion editorial by Ryan Brisch, Anthony Feliciano and Mark Maraia, who recently spent a few weeks helping 85 middle schoolers operate a pop-up shop running on Bitcoin’s Lightning Network. On November 18, 2022, about 85 students braved a cold snowy Friday morning at STRIVE Prep – Lake middle school in Denver, … Read more

How Bitcoin Can Enrich Our Lives – Breaking Pro News

[ad_1] This is an opinion editorial by Logan Bolinger, a lawyer and the author of a free weekly newsletter about the intersection of Bitcoin, macroeconomics, geopolitics and law. “I’m more interested in asking the question, is the world that we want to live in one where we need to hyperfinancialize every aspect of an individual’s … Read more