Alibaba’s Jack Ma spotted in Japan after China crackdown: report

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Jack Ma, the billionaire of e-commerce giant Alibaba, who has become one of China’s richest men, has been living in Japan for the past six months, hiding from public view amid Beijing’s crackdown on tech companies, according to a report.

Ma keeps a low profile as he pursues hobbies such as painting watercolors, collecting art, bathing in hot springs, and skiing in the countryside outside Tokyo. Financial Times reported.

The tech mogul also frequents exclusive members’ clubs in Tokyo’s Ginza and Marunouchi districts, where he rubs shoulders with wealthy Chinese businessmen who have fled the mainland and relocated to Japan’s capital.

Ma, 58, has largely ceded control of his companies to younger executives, reportedly venturing into non-tech businesses that involve sustainability.

Ma, had her net worth As mentioned by the Bloomberg Billionaires Index $30.2 billion and has disappeared from public view since October 2020, when he openly criticized Chinese state regulators for stifling innovation.

Alibaba Group Founder Jack Ma Meets Dutch Florist Andura in the Netherlands
The billionaire co-founder of e-commerce giant Alibaba has not been seen in public often since criticizing Chinese regulators in October 2020.

The Chinese government retaliated by halting the $37 billion initial public offering of Ant Group, the online financial platform that grew out of Alibaba’s in-house mobile payments app Alipay.

Alibaba’s share price plummeted, stripping Ma of his status as China’s richest tycoon. Within days of Ma’s criticism of state regulators, his net worth peaked at more than $60 billion.

Jack Ma was playing golf in the Czech Republic last year.
Ma, 58, was playing golf in the Czech Republic last year.
Marek Patek David Kundrat/CNC/B

Since then, the usually vocal Ma has gone quiet, canceling TV appearances and avoiding social media.

This has fueled speculation about what will happen to flour, China’s biggest global business celebrity and a symbol of its technological development.

In recent months, Ma made headlines after she was spotted on a yacht off the coast of the Spanish island of Mallorca. He visited a Dutch university to learn about sustainable food production.

Last year, Ma was spotted playing golf in the Czech Republic.

Alibaba Group Founder Jack Ma Meets Dutch Florist Andura in the Netherlands
While living in Japan, Ma reportedly took up hobbies including watercolor painting and art collecting.

China The country is in the grip of nationwide turmoil Citizens gathered in rare mass protests against this Government’s strict “COVID zero” lockdown policies It has disrupted the global economy.

Chinese authorities Lakhs of people have been confined to their homes In an effort to curb the rising number of Covid infections across the country.

Jack Ma's superyacht off the coast of the Spanish island of Mallorca.
Last year, Ma’s superyacht was spotted off the coast of the Spanish island of Mallorca.

Footage widely shared on social media in recent days shows Chinese citizens defying lockdown orders and confronting police.

The Communist Party has taken steps in the direction Georgieva recommends, switching to isolating infected buildings or neighborhoods instead of entire cities and making other changes aimed at reducing the human and economic cost.

But a spike in infections since October has prompted local authorities, facing pressure from above, to impose quarantines and other restrictions.

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