Zurich charity launches Urban Climate Resilience Project

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“The need for adaptation has evolved more urgently and permanently than any of us could have predicted,” said Gregory Renand, president of the Z Zurich Foundation. “In this context, we welcome the SharmEl-Sheikh Adaptation Agenda at COP27 and are pleased to bring this new contribution, which further complements our existing climate adaptation work. We are excited by the prospects of this new urban project and look forward to joining us on this important journey with the public and We are inviting the private sector. There is time to act within the tenure of each one,” he said.

As natural disasters increase in frequency and intensity, society’s most vulnerable suffer the greatest impact. UCRP aims to support vulnerable urban communities in adapting to the impacts of climate-related disasters.

“Building resilience at a community level depends not only on local action, but also on the systems that affect that community,” said David Nash, senior manager of climate change and partnerships at Z Zurich Foundation. “Our program will help communities identify local solutions that we can work with our partners to create.

“It also uses Zurich’s own networks to engage the wider private sector in scaling up those solutions. By working directly through our partners with local authorities, we aim to influence ways in which systems can be adapted to better support vulnerable people.”

The program has a four-step approach:

    • Identify urban areas in need and engage with them


    • Conduct a thorough analysis of each community’s climate-related challenges


    • Plan, develop and deliver appropriate solutions


    • Capture the learning and scale the project


In the past year, the Foundation – International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), International Programme, and Resilient Cities Network (R-Cities) – has launched pilot programs in about 40 communities in Colombia, Ecuador and the United States. In 2023, the foundation plans to launch the program in seven additional countries in collaboration with local offices in Zurich and the following charities:

    • C40 cities in Italy, Japan and Malaysia


    • ICLEI in Turkey


    • R-cities in Malaysia and UK


    • IFRC in Australia and Spain


“As an insurance provider, we see firsthand how climate change affects urban areas with multiple and interconnected risks,” said Linda Freiner, Zurich’s head of sustainability. “Zurich’s staff in these 10 countries will volunteer their expertise to support the development and delivery of intervention programs. Our commitment Supporting community resilience and adaptation Immovable. A sustainable future depends on it. ”

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