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Is GOOGL on track to break up, and will this be Nancy Pelosi’s undoing?

Let’s dig in.

To begin with, I can tell you that it often doesn’t end well for companies in the government’s crosshairs for using “monopoly” tactics.

Well, this is precisely what is happening at GOOGL.

CNN article

Would it surprise you that some of our top elected officials would engage in secretive, high-level discussions before any government charges or regulations are filed against a company as large and important as GOOGL?

No? Well one for me…and it shouldn’t surprise any other smart, well-educated investor.

👉And if I say an elected official Specifically was Suspicious Who would you say is the authority to take action by trading such information?

Let’s say a high-ranking official with such a long track record.

Fox News article

Now not mentioning Nancy’s name, it might just be a coincidence…

But have I ever mentioned that I’m a good sleeper?

Not because I’m a big fan of this new “sleep deck” that’s becoming popular.

Instead, it’s because I have complete confidence in the tools I’ve purchased Customized To where I see confidential trades.

The types of trades that Wall Street’s biggest traders often make because they know something you don’t, and the only way to get into a trade at such a large level without attracting attention is to use the market. Dark pool. Yes, there are dark pools on the market!

Don’t believe me?

Check out my dark pool scanner below, it’s a $47 million in business (You guessed it!) at GOOGL, yesterday (01/26/2023):

Dark Pool Scanner Dashboard

That’s just 1 layer, folks – revealed by my dark pool scanner.

And don’t stop there – let’s check out my second “smart money” scanner…the Unusual Options Scanner.

This scanner also admitted and exposed some big GOOGL trades yesterday.

Unusual Function Scanner Dashboard

Look, I could talk about how Wall Street’s fat cats have a legal inside track to finding out where they put their money, but I have to get back to what I do best, which is really Teaching Here’s how top retail traders like you can use these tools to their advantage.

Now, learning this process has never been easier or cheaper.

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Money back guarantee

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Trades Terminator products

It’s not hard to see why joining today is a great opportunity.

Terminator business ideas They come in hot Now I have released my brand new 2.0 version.

Let’s face how complicated a bill is Pelosi Act Getting permission in both branches can be extensive.

So, are you really ready to pursue your trading career at a severe disadvantage to corporate and government insiders?

Don’t do that…I beg you.

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It’s going to be a lot of fun and I hope to see you Here Before admission closes again soon.

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Until next time, have a great weekend!


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