Web3 Hackathon on Astar sponsored by Toyota Motor Corporation

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Tokyo, Japan, February 1, 2023, Chainwire

Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan’s largest conglomerate with 330,000 employees worldwide, is sponsoring its first global Web3 hackathon. It has chosen Astar NetworkSmart Contract Platform for MultiChain Develops Web3 Applications for Toyota’s Employees

Toyota is looking to Web3 to support its vision of improving the company’s operations, and this online hackathon is just the beginning of the process. Developers around the world are invited to build an internal enterprise DAO support tool on the Astar network that allows them to create groups, issue governance tokens and vote without needing to understand the details of Web3.

The tools developed during the Toyota Hackathon can be used to improve operational transparency and efficiency. Astar Network provides the environment for developers and is also responsible for product development support.

In recent years, managers in various organizations have been burdened with workload due to the increase in business decision-making and team management. Both Astar Network and Toyota believe we can manage projects as a DAO, where decision-making is distributed among participants. This not only reduces the workload of the managers but also helps the team members to have a greater impact on the growth of the company. That’s why the theme of this hackathon is creating a DAO support tool for companies.

Sota Watanabe, founder of Astar Network, said, “Needless to say, Toyota is Japan’s largest company and one of the world’s leading international companies. We are very excited to host the Web3 Hackathon at Astar with Toyota. During the event, we aim to create the first proof-of-concept DAO tool for Toyota’s employees. If a good tool is produced, Toyota employees will interact with the Astar network on a daily basis. In the future, I think we will see blockchain integrations in cars. Today, we are still in the exploratory phase, but very excited about the various possibilities.”

Individuals and teams of four developers have until Tuesday, February 14 Sign up For Toyota’s Web3 Hackathon. They will attend the kick-off event on February 25th and then build their products until March 18th. The first round of judging will take place on March 23rd, and teams that pass the first round will be able to participate in the pitch event on March 25th.

Hackathon is going to be held in COSMIZE Event Hall, the first metaverse in the Astar network. Toyota Motor Corporation will be the main sponsor, while Astar Network and Web3 Foundation will be the associate sponsors. HAKUHODO KEY3, a joint venture co-founded by Sota Watanabe and Japan’s 2nd largest advertising company HAKUHODO, is also a sponsor. HAKUHODO KEY3 develops Web3 services with clients while planning and managing Web3 hackathons.

Takumi Sano, board member of HAKUHODO KEY3, said, “We are very excited to see what new web3 services will be developed under the sponsorship of Toyota Motor Corporation. This could be the pivotal hackathon that changes the course of history. Looking forward to your contribution.”

The Astar Foundation will contribute $75,000 in the form of ASTR tokens to the hackathon, while the Web3 Foundation will sponsor $25,000. $100,000 will be used to reward successful projects selected by Toyota, Astar Foundation, Web3 Foundation, Alchemy and HAKUHODO KEY3.

Astar Network is a Layer-1 blockchain for developers and enterprises for the Japanese market. Government, companies and Web3 solutions in Japan are actively working with Astar to bring together a global platform originating from Japan.

More than 70 decentralized applications have been built on Astar’s trusted blockchain since its mainnet launch in January 2022. Astar’s own token, ASTR, is already listed on Bitbank, one of the largest Japanese exchanges. This accessibility makes it easier for Japanese companies and startups to grow their Web3 business by building applications and applications on the Astar network.

About Astar Network

Astar Network supports the creation of dApps with EVM and WASM smart contracts and provides developers with true interoperability through cross-consensus messaging (XCM) and cross-virtual machine (XVM). Astar’s unique Build2Earn model empowers developers to get paid for their code and the dApps they build through a dApp staking mechanism.

One of the first parachains to come to the Polkadot ecosystem, Astar is a vibrant network backed by all major exchanges and Tier 1 VCs. Astar provides the flexibility of all Ethereum and WASM tools for developers to start building their dApps. To accelerate the development of Polkadot and Kusama networks, Astar SpaceLabs Best TVL offers an Incubation Hub for dApps.

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