Twitter data suggests safemoon and BNB supported by bots

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Twitter data collected from the Utradea Financial Information API suggests that interactions with BNB and Safe Moon related tweets are largely driven by bots.

Data showing the ten most posted tickers on Twitter in the past 24 hours shows two outliers with tweet engagement metrics.

that is, BNP And Safemoon has fewer posts than those published on Twitter Bitcoin (BTC) and ethereum (ETH), but their number of likes and tweets were so high that they outnumbered the number of posts – which is impossible.

An interactive infographic of the number of impressions, posts, likes and retweets for tweets citing the top ten most posted cryptocurrencies in the last 24 hours. Notice how BNB has more retweets than impressions.

The exponential chart above shows how the number of impressions, posts, likes and retweets for each of the top ten most posted cryptocurrencies in the last 24 hours compares.

Ethereum has the most posts, Bitcoin dominates impressions, BNB has the most retweets and likes.

However, the data on BNB and Safemoon looks different to those familiar with the concept of records and to those who have looked at social media analytics. Impressions are the number of times users view content on a social media platform.

Impressions are counted each time a tweet is displayed, regardless of whether a user interacts with the content.

Twitter’s Help Center Notes Impressions are not counted for social tweets, Twitter circle tweets, and old tweets, so part of the discrepancy can be explained by the inconsistent number of interactions with old tweets (social tweets and circle tweets are unlikely to play any role in these data).

Twitter makes it clear that multiple views of a tweet count as multiple impressions for a user, and even the tweet’s author counts, making those numbers even more inexplicable. Tweets are public From the end of 2022.

In fact, unreliable engagement numbers suggest that the BNB and Safemoon communities are interacting with and sharing posts with a disproportionate number of bots – which may not account for impression counts.

In fact artificially inflating engagement numbers this much would be significantly more complex from a computing and bandwidth perspective, so bots would have to fully load the content, so those systems wouldn’t make an impression based on how they were calculated.

YouTube detective and crypto personality Coffezilla, famous for several successful investigations, described Security Moon as a billion-dollar scam. Video 3.5 million views nine months ago.

Class action fraud case Still ongoing, so it wouldn’t be a stretch to expect a fraud scheme to artificially inflate its social media engagement numbers – but what about BNB?

While it cannot be ruled out that BNB’s team has been aggressively pumping up its token’s engagement numbers to such an extent, there may be another explanation for this token. BNB offers a large number of particularly speculative—and sometimes downright fraudulent—tokens, including Safemoon.

A quick look at Twitter page Dedicated to the mentions of the $BNB ticker, it is frequently cited in the tweet despite being unrelated – possibly an attempt to reach potential investors who are already engaged with the BNB blockchain.

For this reason BNB’s engagement numbers may actually have been boosted significantly by bot activity, but without the involvement of a central development team.

An interactive bubble chart for each ticker is based on the average account age of accounts engaged in tweets that include the tickers. Round to the correct values.

Another data point where Safemoon stands out significantly is the average account age of accounts that interact with tweets featuring its ticker.

Bitcoin’s average account age is 1,233 days, ethereum 1,183, BNB 893, Safemoon average account age 2,211 – more than six years. There is so far no explanation for this anomaly in the on-chain data.

The report follows a crypto scam scheme promoted by Logan Paul promotion Safemoon, which gave him a case — Crypto $ZOO Value will increase Following Coffezilla’s January reveal.

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