TripAdvisor Work Crypto Scam Sites: Fake Platforms To Avoid

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TripAdvisor is a global brand that crypto scammers use to trick people into parting with their money.

Scam websites and apps that are set up take many forms, but usually lure users to do ‘work’, such as providing star ratings on holiday websites, in exchange for a ‘commission’.


Initially, the work may seem like getting paid and some participants in the schemes were able to withdraw a small amount at the start of the scam.

But most people get caught when the scammers start asking for payments to top up ‘account credit’ that allows them to continue making payments.

TripAdvisor Scammers Inflate Job Payments

If users continue to deposit, they will be given more tasks to perform, but the fraudsters will gradually increase the amount of money the participant needs before blocking access to their account.

The victim will no longer be able to recover any funds, and the fraudsters will cut off all contact with them.

Many people have contacted me about variations of the TripAdvisor Work Crypto Scam, so I’ve decided to include them all on this page to give visitors a quick guide to avoiding the sites.

I’ve already written separate posts about the first two in the list below, giving more information on how the scam works, which I’ve linked.

Scam sites using the TripAdvisor name

Fake TripAdvisor scam site includes:

  • TripAdvisor Limited
  • TripAdvisor RB (Trip-UK)
  • TripAdvisor Job
  • TripAdvisor UK (The same name is used with various country code top-level domains or ccTLDs. I’ve already heard of four different variations, but there could be more)
  • TripAdvisor UK VIP

These are the only TripAdvisor crypto scams I’ve heard of but there are a significant number of other sites used by scammers.

Fraud victims who are duped by small cash transactions

One of the reasons this scam catches people off guard is that the scammers allow some victims to withdraw small amounts of money initially, prompting them to make large deposits as a show of confidence.

While other crypto fraudsters steal deposits and disappear, fraudsters on TripAdvisor fake job sites build users’ trust before making their money.

If you come across any of these sites or hear from a friend or associate that they are making money through these jobs, avoid getting involved. The only winners in the long run are the cheaters.

Although I have been contacted by the odd person who beat the scammers and made a successful refund without returning to the site, this is a normal occurrence and you never know when your account will be closed.

You will find that scam sites come and go very quickly, and the scammers shut them down once they have served their purpose.

Google flags some sites for fraudulent content, but clearly can’t keep up with the volume of fake TripAdvisor sites being produced by fraudsters.

Avoid these websites and do not deposit money with them. You can share this post to make as many people aware of this scam as possible.

Can I get my money back from TripAdvisor scammers?

Because of how temporary these sites are, and because fraudsters register on them anonymously from different countries around the world, it’s incredibly difficult to track down criminals.

The best way to protect yourself from financial loss is to avoid these sites in the first place.

There are many things you can do to check if a site is legitimate or not, and you can do this Fraud Checklist I have prepared it so that you don’t become the next victim.

This includes things like checking the domain’s age, looking for Google reviews before signing up, and thoroughly checking that links are valid, social media channels are active, and any site you plan to use to verify app links. work among others.

However, if you have already lost money in a crypto scam Specialized crypto recovery companies It can help.

If you suspect a site is fake, Stay in touch.

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