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It was approx Year for Customer Experience.

We were Been asking for years That’s how important customer experience is to business, and with companies like Salesforce and Adobe leading the way, an entire business technology category has been built around it. But whether it’s the economy or a lack of staff (maybe both?), 2022 was a year of poor customer service, which created poor experiences; The two cannot be separated.

No matter how great your product or service is, you will be judged by how well you do when things go wrong, and your customer service team is your direct link to buyers. If you fail them in a time of need, you can lose them for good and quickly build a bad reputation. News spreads fast through social media channels. This is not the kind of talk you want about your brand.

We’re constantly asked for feedback on how the business performed, yet this thirst for information doesn’t seem to be re-aligned with improving the experience.

And make no mistake: your customer service is inextricably linked to your customer’s perceived experience. We continue Feedback is sought about how the business performed, but this thirst for information doesn’t seem to be re-connected to improving the experience.

Consider the poor people who bought tickets on Southwest Airlines flights this week. A video was shown Airline staff attack police on their own passengers. Consider that The airline admitted it was screwed. But a representative of the same airline called the police on passengers for being at the gate. When it comes to abusing your customers and destroying your brand goodwill, that example takes the cake.

We’ve long heard about how data can deliver better experiences, but is that data ever available to the people interacting with customers? They don’t need data – they need help and training and guidance, and in 2022 there’s not enough of that. Organizations can reduce customer service to the detriment of their customers’ experience and ultimately damage their reputation. brand.


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