Gemini vs DCG, New York charges Mashinsky in Celsius, Voyager sale troubles, Silvergate troubles, Wintermute – Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain

[ad_1] By Amy Castor and David Gerard We’re all trying to find the guy who did this, but in stereo The blame game: Gemini versus DCG We’ve reached the stage in the crypto collapse where everyone is pointing at someone else. Everyone is a hero, and they’re going to work ceaselessly to find the guy … Read more

Crypto exchange Bitvavo says €280m are locked at DCG

[ad_1] Bitvavo says it has €280 million of its funding locked up in DCG. The organization claims that this will not affect users’ finances. Bitvavo explains that DCG’s problems will not affect users Amidst crypto drops, including the fall of FTX, is Dutch cryptocurrency exchange Bitwao revealed On Friday €280 million ($296.30 million) was locked … Read more