Which historical bubble is most like the crypto bubble? — by William Quinn – Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain

[ad_1] By guest post William Quinn In 2020, John Turner and I published a history of financial bubbles: Boom and Bust: A Global History of Financial Bubbles (Cambridge University Press, 2020). At the end we wrote about the 2017 crypto bubble and thought it had run its course…but a few months later, it bubbled back … Read more

Gemini vs DCG, New York charges Mashinsky in Celsius, Voyager sale troubles, Silvergate troubles, Wintermute – Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain

[ad_1] By Amy Castor and David Gerard We’re all trying to find the guy who did this, but in stereo The blame game: Gemini versus DCG We’ve reached the stage in the crypto collapse where everyone is pointing at someone else. Everyone is a hero, and they’re going to work ceaselessly to find the guy … Read more

the Digital Assets Issuance Law – Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain

[ad_1] Here’s the latest from El Salvador’s bitcoin adventure: Tether’s enabling law for Bitcoin Volcano Bonds — sorry, Volcano Tokens — has been written and passed at long last. El Salvador scraped together the $604 million to pay its January 2023 international bond — by starving public services, as sovereign debt markets expect. President Bukele’s … Read more

Toyota is exploring blockchain web3 with Astar Network’s hackathon

[ad_1] Japanese automaker Toyota is the global sponsor Web3 Hackathon A multi-chain smart contract called Astar Network. The program will deliver use cases and create Web3 experiences that will ultimately form the basis of the company’s results. This tutorial will be a boot camp to help Web3 developers build a decentralized autonomous system within an … Read more

A Super-Fast and Low-Cost Blockchain with Unparalleled Security

[ad_1] The advent of blockchain technology has brought about a revolution in the streamlining processes of various industries. The technology has gained popularity and people are realizing that blockchain applications go beyond cryptocurrency. However, some concerns about the reliability and integrity of the blockchain have also been raised. To address these issues, the SafeOne Chain … Read more

One Of Europe’s Biggest Crypto Events, Block 3000: Blockchain Battle Goes Live

[ad_1] Some posts on CryptoAdvisor contain affiliate links. We link these companies because of their quality. Whether you decide to use these links or not is entirely up to you. Press release Tickets for the premier crypto event are now available Speakers include Javier García, Country Head of Finance for Spain and Portugal, Joe Wei, … Read more

Argo Blockchain Investors Allege Concealing Information, File Suit

[ad_1] United Kingdom-based cryptocurrency mining business Argo Blockchain has been brought to court by its investors in the form of a newly filed class action complaint. In the suit, investors alleged that Argo Blockchain misled them by withholding information regarding potential circumstances that could affect the company’s ability to carry out its operations. In particular, … Read more

Optos wants to shake up blockchain space by creating more economic value, co-founder says • TechCrunch

[ad_1] come again chain reactionA podcast that dives deep into stories, backgrounds and the latest news from some of the biggest names in crypto. For this week chapterI sat down with Mo Sheik, Co-Founder and CEO of Layer-1 Blockchain Appropriate. Shaikh is a three-time founder with over a decade of experience in financial services and … Read more

Oxhead Alpha and Tezos Helping Californias Motors Department to Implement Blockchain for Record Keeping

[ad_1] California’s Department of Motor Vehicles intends to use blockchain technology for record keeping, including the issuance of automobile titles and facilitating transfers of such titles. According to a recent story published by Fortune, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has adopted a private fork of the Tesos blockchain. Tezos is an open source blockchain … Read more

US banks leave crypto, how Genesis kept Gemini hanging on, FTX, Binance, Nexo – Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain

[ad_1] By Amy Castor and David Gerard “Normalize thinking of con artistry as a predatory crime that largely targets the vulnerable rather than a glamorous caper.” — James Palmer Europe 1916 by Boardman Robinson How Genesis kept Gemini hanging on As a group, Gemini Earn’s retail customers are the largest creditor of Genesis. According to … Read more