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The second biggest HBO release in a decade. It’s over 18 m Views of its first chapter. Nightmares for days (that horrible clicking sound).

The success of The Last of Us is shining a spotlight on Sony (NYSE:SONY), which co-produced the series. Now they are looking to translate that success to other films…

There is a lot of money in gaming. It’s worth the market $192.7B By 2021 – more than double the amount of filmed entertainment ($99.7B) time to combine the two.

Many of today’s best-selling games have strong storytelling, and Hollywood is increasingly looking to video games for source material.

Both work well together. Game adaptations bring in existing audiences – and movies often boost game revenue. Win-win.

  • Sales of The Last of Us game soared 238% After the debut of the TV show.
  • League of Legends players jumped 30% After Arcane’s introduction.

Game publishers have taken action in recent years to:

  • Sony to set up 2019 sees PlayStation Productions bring its franchises to the big screen.
  • Activision Blizzard Started a film and television studio in 2015.
  • Nintendo’s A Mario movie is coming – and it’s planned freedom And based on its IP.

Average Joe: Over the past five years, $SONY’s returns have doubled the S&P 500’s – albeit in decline 20% from its 2021 peak. The company has been hit by declining electronic and gaming sales after the spread of Covid.

with 35% Sony is making a smart strategic move in its sales through gaming and movies. But don’t come to the stock market for a free lunch. It’s not RB.

Follow us long enough and you’ll know there are two things we love. A bull market and Nick Offerman Ron Swanson.


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