Sellfy Software: Scam Crypto Work Platform

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Selfie software has been flagged as possibly linked to crypto scams. Pork Fraud.

Victims are ‘greased’ by fraudsters who befriend them through social media platforms before referring them to a fantastic cryptocurrency investment opportunity.


They encourage their victims to invest and show them social media groups with other members claiming to make easy money.

The victim will see their balance increase rapidly and it will appear that they have made a huge profit, but when they come to withdraw the money the problems begin.

In order to release the victim’s money, the fraudsters will ask for various fees.

If a fee is paid, a new fee will be charged before the money is transferred. This continues until the victim stops paying.

Of course, the profits aren’t real, and neither are the fees. This is a ploy to squeeze as much money as possible from the ‘fat pig’.

Why Sellfy Software Could be a Scam?

The main reason I listed this site was because it was flagged by a user.

They were accidentally approached by someone via Telegram who advised them to register on the site to invest in Bitcoin.

Other things that indicate it’s a scam include:

  • The domain was most recently registered.
  • There is no information on the site like who is behind it, address, contact details etc.
  • The two links on the site lead nowhere.
  • No social media channels appear to be associated with the site.
  • Legitimate crypto trading platforms do not randomly contact people through social media.
  • The profit promised to the person who contacted me was totally unrealistic.

Is Sellfy software a scam?

Yes, Sellfy software is definitely a scam, but some people’s experiences are different from what I described above.

Here’s a statement from someone involved in the selfie software platform:

"The recruiter claims that you make money by simply offering feedback to manufacturers regarding their online advertising. The idea is that they pay you for improving their ads.
Here's where it doesn't add up in my eyes. This guy reckons he works 60-90 minutes a day and is making around 1,500 USDT per week. That just seems like WAY too much profit for 10 hours work when it's supposedly just businesses going "yeah thanks for your thoughts".  Also his written English is terrible, so how good could his feedback be anyway?"

Let me know if you have used the Sellfy software or if anyone has approached this site to invest.

If you suspect a site is fake, Stay in touch.

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