Samsung’s new wall oven lets you livestream a video feed of what’s cooking

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Samsung Updates its array of customizable Bespoke smart appliances With a wall oven, washer and dryer. The bespoke AI oven has a seven-inch screen and touch controls. Cooking methods include air sous vide, air fry and steam cooking. Perhaps the most intriguing element is the AI ​​camera inside.

Samsung says that if the camera detects what you’re doing and recognizes what you’re doing, it can recommend optimal cooking settings. Also, it will send you warning notifications to prevent your food from burning. You can monitor your food using the screen or the SmartThings app (which you can use to control the oven remotely). There’s also the option to take photos of your creation or livestream a video feed, which can help budding Twitch creators find their niche.


Additionally, the oven has Samsung Health integration and you can analyze fitness stats and diet goals based on ingredients at hand. The Bespoke AI Oven is available now in Europe and will be coming to North America this summer.

Also new is the bespoke wall mount hood. It is designed to be compatible with other bespoke equipment and is said to operate at 65 decibels at its highest setting. Samsung claims the hood can ventilate up to 700 cubic feet per minute. The hood can sync with a smart Samsung cooktop to adjust airflow levels based on what you’re cooking.

Additionally, there is an air quality sensor to monitor air cleanliness. If the device detects poor air quality, the SmartThings app will give you recommendations on how to fix it. You will be alerted when it is time to replace the air filter as well. Like the wall oven, the hood is available in a variety of colors and premium finishes.

One uses the Family Hub+ touchscreen on Samsung's 4-door Flex fridge.

As for the company’s fridges, the 4-door Flex is now available A large family hub+ touch screen. It now measures 32 inches, so the screen is nearly 50 percent larger than previous models. Samsung claims that you can easily use multiple apps at the same time and multitask. The display has a built-in Smart Things hub. This allows you to connect other SmartThings-compatible devices without the need for additional hub hardware.

Like previous models, there’s an AI-powered camera inside that can help analyze food labels and images to make sure you’re not running out of essentials. The latest 4-door Flex will be available in North America and Korea in the first half of the year.

Meanwhile, the new bespoke side-by-side fridge has touch sensors on each door so you can open them when your hands are full. Like the 4-door Flex, it has smart things integration and a built-in beverage center with two options each for filtered water and ice. The model will be available in the US by the end of March.

Samsung Bespoke Side by Side Fridge

Finally, Samsung had some updates on the stability front. This year, the company will release microfiber emission reduction cycles and filters for its bespoke washing machines. The aim is to reduce microplastic pollution in water.

The company also says it has received the industry’s first Energy Star Smart Home Energy Management Systems certification for its SmartThings energy system. Samsung claims AI Energy Mode It started coming out recently It can reduce the power consumption of its devices by up to 30 percent without significantly affecting performance. For example, it can increase the temperature of your freezer by one degree or lower the maximum water temperature of your dishwasher.

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