Positive drug tests for commercial vehicle drivers: report

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The number of times a commercial vehicle driver tested positive for drugs increased in 2022 from two years earlier, with positive marijuana tests making up the bulk of the increase, according to a federal transportation survey.

Commercial drivers tested positive for delta-9 THC, an ingredient in cannabis, 40,916 times in 2022, an increase of 29,511 in 2020 and 31,085 in 2021, according to the American Federation of Traffic Safety Administration Doctors. & Alcohol Clearinghouse December 2022 Report.

Commercial drivers tested positive 10,953 times for cocaine and 5,569 times for methamphetamine in 2022, according to the report.

Illicit drugs are not the only identifiable substances reported to have led to positive drug test results; Commercial drivers tested positive for prescription drugs such as oxycodone, hydrocodone and morphine.

California and Florida were among the top three states with the most positive drug results from Texas.

The Clearinghouse is a federal database that provides information to employers, driver licensing agencies, and law enforcement officials about drug and alcohol safety violations in the commercial transportation industry.

According to the report, drivers with violations at the clearinghouse must be removed from “safety-sensitive” operations that include operating a commercial vehicle. After completing the return to work process, drivers are allowed to return to work.

The report shows that 120,345 commercial drivers are currently in “banned” status, which prevents them from driving.


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