Pfqi And Emyf Crypto Mining Pool Scams: Victim Conned by Fake Node

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pfqi top and emyf xyz fake crypto mining pools were flagged by someone who fell victim to the scam and lost a significant amount of money.

They were lured into joining a fraudulent mining pool that ran as an app linked to their crypto wallet, with the two addresses above directing users to the app.


The fraud victim first heard about the ‘mining pool’ through an unsolicited approach via Telegram by someone they had developed a friendship with.

They were told about a great investment opportunity and encouraged to deposit crypto into the scammers’ wallets through a legitimate cryptocurrency exchange.

Are pfqi top and emyf xyz scam sites?

Yes, both these websites are 100% scam sites and should be avoided.

They are designed to lead users to download fraudulent apps that trick them into splitting their money with a ‘node’ that connects to a crypto mining pool.

None of this is true, the money you send will be stolen by scammers.

Neither of these sites are legit, so don’t click on links or download any apps if prompted.

How can I tell if pfqi top and emyf xyz are scam mining pools?

There are many ways to spot scam crypto websites and these two sites are no different.

Some of the things that give them are:

  • Most new domain names and registrar details are hidden.
  • Direct downloads for mobile apps.
  • Websites do not contain content.
  • No information about who operates the sites.
  • Suspicious website names that do not match the site.
  • There are no reviews or comments online.

It is important to do your own research before investing in anything. Google is your friend here.

Can I get my money back from a crypto scam?

It is often possible to track your stolen crypto on an exchange or wallet, but actually recovering it is another matter.

That’s not to say it’s impossible, and there are Crypto Recovery Specialists It can help for a fee.

If you suspect a site is fake, Stay in touch.

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