Marvel’s Moon Girl and the Devil Dinosaur cartoon previews

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It’s Marvel The next animated series It hits Disney Channel next month, if you weren’t already sure Moon is a woman program It’s funny that the rest of the Marvel-verse is getting excited by already giving us a show with an Inhuman heroine, and it shows off in great style.

Even if Marvel Animation is as kid-centric fare as of late spider man programs or things like that What if All have gone for a relatively basic aesthetic, rooted in the realistic look of the MCU. But from this new clip Moon Girl and the Devil Dinosaur It emerges with a sense of style unlike anything we’ve seen from the publisher’s adaptations. Spider verse moviesOf course – for a very long time.

New Sneak Peek | Marvel’s Moon Girl and the Devil Dinosaur | @disneychannel

It’s a cute clip, as Lunella learns not to rush into dangerous situations… dancing as a villain? It’s silly in all the right ways, but also that It seems Wonderful. As Lunella heads into her zone to skate until her opponent runs out of gravity-goop juice, her world is drenched in this brilliant neon, pop-art-y comic book palette, a series of splash panels. It’s pretty slick, and a great way to make the series stand out from the animated Marvel fare that came before it.

Moon Girl and the Devil Dinosaur It hits Disney Channel on February 10 and will be streamed on Disney+ thereafter.

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