Lizzo went day drinking with Seth Meyers and revealed her most-denied rider request

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Lizo and Seth Meyers sloshed together the night after The host is typical Day drinking water division, playing drinking games and mixing drinks together, definitely not designed to be mixed. Obviously sherry, a margarita, a bloody mary and a Dr. Pepper “Girls”An inspired drink is not the best idea. Who knows?

“Girls: After a long night of drinking, when can you drink girls?” Lizo said she was doing everything she could to sell the unholy potion. “It actually tastes like vomit.”

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The two laugh a lot during the 17-minute video, with Meyers challenging Lizzo not to laugh at his “knock-knock” jokes and Lizzo mistaking a crew member for an actor. Paul Root. They also played a drinking game based on “Truth Hurts,” in which they had to take a shot unless they answered questions honestly — the most ridiculous rider Liso had ever asked for.

“It’s weird, it’s not ridiculous, but I get this response a lot,” Lizzo said. “We travel with a lot of girls. [that] I put tampons on the rider. Sometimes we don’t get them, and who am I to be? [organising this]?”

For his part, Meyers would rather drink a shot than flaunt the most famous penis he’s ever seen in real life.

“No!” Lizzo exclaimed. “Are you kidding me? Have you seen the famous penis?”

“Or I like wine,” Meyers said. “Or I love wine so much that I’ve seen a lot of famous people.”


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