Jeff Bezos turns cartoon star in new Blue Origin show for kids

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Jeff Bezos is taking his rocket company to the next frontier: kids’ cartoons.

Produced and produced by Blue Origin in association with Genius Brands and SMAC Productions Animated series It is meant to inspire future astronauts. Details of the program are named Blue Origins Space Rangers, where it will air has yet to be announced. (Amazon(Notably, Amazon is not listed as a partner, though that doesn’t preclude the possibility of the series airing on Prime.)

Bezos (who was The company’s first flight was last July), as well as Good Morning America Host Michael Strahan, who flew Blue Origin last December, will appear on the show. (Strahan is a partner in SMAC Productions.)

“Blue Origin Space Rangers will feature young astronauts and adult leaders who will live, create and experiment together as they explore the infinite possibilities of life in space,” Genius Brands said in a statement. “Aimed to spark curiosity and inspire creativity among children and families, the series will take viewers on a journey to explore the universe, science, new worlds and perhaps even new species.”

Original produced by Michael Hirsch Star Wars Animation of the Ewoks and droids will co-produce the show.

Blue Origin has already taken off, in part because of Bezos and who they invited to the company. Beyond Strahan, the company has taken over William Shatner To the edge of space. Earlier this year, it suffered First big failure, its (unmanned) suborbital New Shepard rocket aborts its launch shortly after liftoff in West Texas. The US Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the incident.

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