James Cameron has no regrets about devoting his life to Avatar

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James Cameron and Sigourney Weaver



Director James Cameron and actress Sigourney Weaver attended the premiere Avatar: Waterway On December 09, 2022 in Seoul, South Korea.


Photograph: Chung Chung Jun (Good pictures)



James Cameron Recently everywhere, advertising Avatar: Waterway– Now his latest A billion dollar blockbuster. But if you don’t Absolutely Tired of hearing what he had to offer Caption OligHead up Empire To read a new interview, it uses the funny trick of getting other famous people to ask him questions.

It’s funny Subject-Cameron Says Edgar Wright Don’t sweat Titanic his one-time parody (“Let’s all be blessed to make movies that get spoofs”); Harrison Ford and Pierce Brosnan ask why they weren’t cast in anything (Cameron is a fan of both actors, but “my biggest regret as a filmmaker is that I take so long to make my movies when I can only work with a small. fraction of the artists I respect”); And Cameron made his point “Papyrus Font” Saturday Night Live Painting An answer to a question Asked by the actual creator of the font. There are many questions about Terminator And AbyssAnd Cameron confirms Gary Henn (Former child actor who played Newt aliens) That The Wizard of Oz His favorite movie.

However, the question is of particular interest RRRs SS Rajamouli-Knows a thing or two about direction Three hours of epic action. He asked Cameron if he regretted spending so much time in the world AvatarIn the sense that it prevented him from telling other stories and exploring other ideas.

Two thoughts in answer to your question: First, the world Avatar “I can tell most of the stories I want to tell and try as many stylistic techniques as I want to explore,” Cameron replied.Second, yes…our time as artists is limited. Always moaning about some story I couldn’t make up. But I get a lot of satisfaction when other directors like Kathryn Bigelow want to explore some of my ideas. Strange daysAnd Robert Rodriguez did when I spanked him Alida: Battle Angel. I look forward to many more collaborations in the future with directors I admire.

According to Full interview segment at EmpireFeaturing a series of questions from people you’d expect (Robert Rodriguez, Zoe Saldana) and lots of random admirersIncluding Hosts Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power And Stranger things. Avatar: Waterway Now in theaters.

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