Is Pi Network worth anything?

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Pi coin is one of the most popular and most anticipated cryptocurrencies in the world. User metrics show that support for Pi Network has been growing over the past few months. Its official Twitter account has more than 2 million followers, which is bigger than major cryptocurrencies like Cardano and Polkadot.

The Pie Network ecosystem is growing

Similarly, Pi Network apps are also very popular, with the Android version having more than 50 million downloads. Also, Pie Browser has more than 10 million users worldwide. At the same time, the ecosystem of the network is growing, with many developers creating the ecosystem. PiCare, Pi Chain Mall and World of Pi Championship are some of the best applications developed on Pi.

The number of Pi coin users has also increased and now stands at more than 35 million. In an effort to grow the ecosystem, developers hold hackathons where developers showcase their applications.

Pi Network is a platform launched in 2018 to offer better tools and features than Bitcoin and existing cryptocurrencies. As part of its strategy, the developers made it easy for people to mine the coin using their smartphones.

Mining Pi coin using a smartphone works using the Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP), which uses a federated Byzantine agreement that helps ensure energy wastage and fast transactions. In its ecosystem, Pi miners can become pioneers, contributors, ambassadors and nodes. Miners visit the app, confirm transactions, and then claim rewards,

Is Pi Network worth anything?

There are many common questions about Pi Network and Pi Coin. For example, there are questions about whether a network is legitimate or a Corruption Does it have a future? Other users have question about how to cash their Pi coins.

Since the network is still on a connected mainnet, it is difficult to come up with a price prediction for PiCoin. As a result, it is unclear when the coin will be launched on major exchanges and at what price trading will begin. More importantly, it is still unclear whether it will ever launch on exchanges. Besides, the bag has been around since 2018.

Can be traded today. In December, several exchanges, including Huobi Global listed PI/USDT, will mirror the performance of the real Pi coin. We wrote about this Here. After rising in the first few days, the price of PI/USDT has fallen by more than 80% after the real developers. was denied network.

So, for now, PiCoin is a wild card in the crypto industry, and I don’t believe it’s worth your time until it’s pushed to exchanges. While the ecosystem is growing, Pi Network is worth nothing.


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