indu4.0 have begun onboarding suppliers! Don’t delay, list your service

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Hindu4.0A Swiss-based company headquartered in Switzerland’s Crypto Valley has begun onboarding clients to its world class. B2B market. They first started onboarding service providers (Supply Side) to ensure that the platform has a pool of suppliers ready to deliver high-quality products to customers. By the first quarter of 2023, the indu4.0 B2B marketplace will be available to all customers, enabling manufacturers (demand side) to find the right service providers in minutes.

The indu4.0 B2B marketplace operates on standard terms, allowing suppliers to present their offerings clearly and comprehensibly. In this way, the buyer can quickly and easily find relevant suppliers for the services he is looking for. In addition to growing technological possibilities and network pressure in the industrial sector, indu4.0 offers new opportunities. With advanced search functionality, the indu4.0 marketplace offers buyers and suppliers greater efficiency and effectiveness than existing marketplace competitors.

With indu4.0, prospective buyers can instantly send their inquiries and technical drawings to multiple potential suppliers. They need not worry about data security as the smart contract based system provides maximum security and intellectual property protection. Also, IDS technology (Indu Data Security) traces the source of data and ensures its validity without falsification.

The indu4.0 platform is developed by a team of professionals with extensive knowledge in the manufacturing industry. Their B2B marketplace makes life easier and better for suppliers and manufacturers. The platform offers a loyalty program to its users and the team is working hard to introduce Metaverse in the near future. Thus, it will become the first industrial project in Metaverse to significantly reduce the carbon emissions of manufacturing companies. This will contribute to mitigating global climate change.

As mentioned in previous press releases, the project is fueled by its own token INDU. Are you interested in becoming a part of indu4.0 and the journey of the next industrial revolution? Support the project and buy INDU token Here.

Editor-in-Chief of Cryptonaire Weekly Mr. Karnav Shah says about this. Hindu4.0, “I have been closely following the program since its inception. Their team is working well and they have started onboarding service providers to their B2B marketplace, ensuring that buyers will get good competition. The B2B market they have developed with sophisticated filter systems puts them a step ahead of their competitors. As a result, users can conduct their specific searches easily, quickly and intuitively. If you want to receive more updates regarding this revolutionary industrial project, please stay tuned!”

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