I’m a firefighter — here’s why charging phones while sleeping could be deadly

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A TikTok firefighter has revealed why you shouldn’t leave your mobile devices burning overnight.

England’s Kent Fire and Rescue Service has warned that charging your smart devices while sleeping can be dangerous.

“It’s a hotly debated topic on our TikTok, but if you can do it, it’s much safer to charge any electronic devices while you’re there and awake,” they captioned it. Their clip.

“At Kent Fire & Rescue we get a lot of questions about why you shouldn’t charge phones overnight,” the fire expert assured the audience.

“So here are the reasons for that. Number one: There’s no smell while sleeping, and if it starts burning, the fire won’t wake you up,” he said.

“Number Two: It Only Takes Three Breaths of Smoke to Make You Unconscious.”

He noted that many people have “cheap or faulty” phone chargers — and even some “genuine” chargers — that have been “known to cause fires.”

“If you can, we advise you to charge your phone while you’re there and awake,” he added. “From a fire service point of view, it’s much safer.”

In the comments, one user quipped, “Cheers👍🏻 (I’ll charge my phone when I sleep tonight).”

But the fire department fought back. “We suggest you don’t, but we can’t enforce anything. All we can do is share advice based on real incidents. We always hope you never need us.

A study Published in Annals of Emergency Medicine Found that common iPhone chargers Very dangerous than their Apple-made counterparts.

The researchers in the study reported a case where a 19-year-old boy had a simple Lying in bed With her charger plug-in. But when the device touched her chain necklace she “suddenly felt a burning sensation and severe pain in her neck.”

A step PC Mac Report, smartphone batteries can explode for a number of reasons. Excessive heat, physical damage to the device, and deterioration over time contribute to electronic fires.

Last month, an Indian repairman Tried to fix a customer’s phone Last month — that time the device’s battery caught fire, nearly burning him and the customer.

While it is not clear what started the fire, both men escaped unhurt.


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