How should investors position their portfolios if the market bottoms in 2023? – The Average Joe

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The market only comes up for sale a few times a decade. If you drown out the noise, we’re probably close to one of those points.

A Finimize survey last week showed that 80% of 2,000 Retail investors believe that the market will fall in the next period Six months.

Question: Don’t expect to enter a recession next year?

Yes, except for what market prices look forward to. Markets peaked last year, before the economy began to slow.

The stock market will be down before the economy picks up.

Let’s assume the market bottoms next year…

How should investors position their portfolios for growth?

Here is one Exclusive A chart showing which sectors performed best 13 years After the 2009 market crash.

Some takeaways:

These are two of the most affected sectors this year.

Since the 2021 peak, the technology and consumer discretionary sectors have declined 33% And 23%, respectively. Still not at 2009 levels – but close.

Not sure what to buy within the departments?

ETFs are your friends.

  • Vanguard Information Technology ETF (NYSE:VGT) – It monitors IT department.
  • Vanguard Consumer Preferred ETF (NYSE:VCR) – It monitors consumer preferences sector.

The easy way? Consider an ETF like the Invesco QQQ Fund ( NASDAQ:QQQ ) – which tracks the Nasdaq-100 – a basket of ~100 large non-financial companies.

Here is the sector breakdown of ETFs:


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