Gen Z ‘shocked’ to learn their ‘digital footprint’ could destroy job prospects

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Young people are discovering that “digital footprints” are real – and a real problem for our online generation.

A TikTok user It has gone viral After sharing their social media nightmare, they said they missed work because their co-workers saw the post online.

“I felt the digital footprint was real because when I was called for a job interview they loved me, but when they did a background check they said they didn’t want to hire me anymore,” TikTok user @shoomew wrote in a text. The latest video – with more than 4.1 million views since its release in October.

In a statement to The Post, a high school student named Jayden confirmed the story — and their disappointment.

“I was so shocked and upset because it was such a good situation!” Jayden told The Post in an email. “It won’t change the way I post because I feel like I’m already too far away. I hope a TV career will take me one day instead.

Older generations have historically approached the Internet with caution. Gen Z was born in the internet age. As a result, their online registrations started Basically from birthThey already have the power to understand the potential consequences of their digital actions.

A TikTok user was shocked when her employers searched online but couldn't find a job.
TikTok user @shoomew was “shocked” when her potential employers discovered her activity online – and canceled their job offer because of it.
TikTok / @shoomew
Cybersecurity pro Chris Southerland Jr. tells us how to reduce the chance of this happening.
Cybersecurity pro Chris Southerland Jr. He gave advice on how to cover your digital tracks.
TikTok / @chrisjr404

More than 7,000 users have commented on the video, many of them appalled by Jayden’s misfortune — asking how they can do background checks to avoid the same outcome.

“If my future employer ever sees this, please know I have nightmares, thank you,” the panicked user wrote.

“Please I’m not my internet persona,” wrote another.

Lucky for them, a cybercrime expert stitched together a video with tips on how companies can find potential candidates online.

“Here’s how a company can trace your digital footprint,” Chris Southerland Jr. captioned. 19-second video, It has been viewed 14.1 million times.

According to Southerland, there are “thousands” of tools companies can use to search your history — depending on the type of job you’re looking for.

“Personally, I don’t care what I post online. If I want to disable my online presence, I use a different real name, username, profile picture and email for my different social media accounts,” Southland later said. told Buzzfeed News.

Fortunately, he added, there are ways to hide certain details on the World Wide Web.

“Also, I won’t include a phone number [social media] The account on my resume and make my accounts private,” he continued. “Finally, when Googling your name, make sure nothing pops up that you don’t want to find.”


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