Future of James Vaughan M3GAN, possible Blumhouse connection

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Image from Blumhouse's M3GAN.



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James Vaughan Horror has been in the game for years, but this is a concerted effort from the 2010s Insidious and 2013s The Conjuring It was a boon to his career. The financial success of those films made the two even Owners, and Vaughn let fans of the non-horror crowd run Anger 7 More recently Son of the sea. But even when he’s not directing horror, like next week, he’s got a kick out of the genre. M3GAN Certifying.

With so many franchises under Van Belt, you’d be right M3GAN Could be the start of another series. (Not a bad time to release a horror franchise Murderous toy!) But in a recent interview, The The Hollywood Reporter, the filmmaker said he is “superstitious” and is currently focusing only on this first film. “I don’t want to talk about sequels before the first film even comes out,” he said. “But like any film I make, I always think of a bigger world. […] So if we’re lucky enough to tell any other stories, we can get out of the big world.

M3GAN It comes from the story he created With Akela Cooper, her co-starResearcher In 2021 Malignant. Their latest teamsVan Cooper was described as “brave” and a writer of his caliber “not afraid to go out there, lean into the absurd and make it work.” […] She can take an idea that’s really outside the box and bring a human element to it. That’s the mission statement for that m3gan, He added, and as Cooper wrote next year’s sequel, it looks like the two will be working together for a good while. A nun (Adapted from a story written by Jodi), and get the taged in a Possible Malignant Follow up.

Through his Atomic Monster label, Van produces M3GAN With Blumhouse’s Jason Blum, it appears the partnership will lead to a Connecting between the two, There they continue as separate labels. When asked about it by The Hollywood Reporter , Blum admitted that “advanced talks” are in the works, and while he believes that will happen, nothing has been written in ink. Very much Still. However, if it goes ahead, it could lead to Blumhouse’s 2020 sequel The invisible man Restart. Blum was confident Vaughn could get it off the ground, and said the latter would be “more than happy” to do so.

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