Frontier is rolling out 5Gbps fiber internet across the US

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You are more likely to have a meaningful choice of fast fiber internet service. is on the border introduced Balanced 5Gbps plan (ie 5Gbps for uploads and downloads) in all of its fiber markets in the US. The company says it is the first “major” provider to manage this feat. You’ll pay $155 per month (which includes installation and the router), or $55 more for the 2Gbps line. However, it can come at a cost if you regularly download massive files or share your data with other heavy-duty users in your family.

You will need one WiFi 6e router and accessories etc Pixel 7 Or 2023 MacBook Pro, to use additional speeds without relying on 10Gbps Ethernet. Frontier estimates that downloading a 100-minute 8K movie takes less than two minutes.


Whether or not Frontier offers the best deal depends on competitors in your area. AT&T’s 5Gbps plan Available for one year, but costs $180. Google Fiber is at the top of the offering 8Gbps for $150, but it covers only a few cities. Frontier could beat the cable companies. Comcast already has 6Gbps service in some areas, but the $300 per month price and asymmetric uploads make it less practical.

If 2Gbps already seems expensive, the higher price for 5Gbps service may not be thrilling. Even so, the publication reports that competition among multi-gig Internet providers is heating up. That’s good news for customers — you can get more aggressive performance or pricing as a telecom jockey for your business.

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