Flying with a smart suitcase: Every major airline’s travel policy

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Peak travel season is upon us, which means packing enough clothes to cover everyone needs to be completed. Essential tech gadgets Praying that everything comes together in the luggage, along with the right charger Just Weight limit shy.

Maybe that baggage came in one form or another Smart SuitcaseOne that strives to simplify the travel experience with high-tech capabilities such as configuration Wireless chargersElectronic locks and so on GPS tracking.

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But as convenient and practical as smart luggage is, airlines are very strict about what travel gear is and isn’t allowed. This guide explains what counts as a smart suitcase and what each major airline’s policy is.


Typically a hard-shelled bag, smart suitcases have built-in electronic capabilities that often include USB charging ports, smart locks, GPS tracking capabilities, Wi-Fi and hotspot connectivity, and sizes. The exact features vary from bag to bag, but they all aim to make traveling — especially if you’re a tech-savvy person — easier. Smart suitcases come in both carry-on and checked luggage sizes.




It depends on whether the battery can be removed from the smart luggage or not. Since 2013, the The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) prohibits it Lithium batteries are not stored in checked baggage in the cargo compartment of an aircraft. This means that most smart suitcases powered by lithium-ion batteries are considered fire hazards and are not permitted.

However, most airlines apply restrictions only to checked baggage cannot be removed Lithium batteries. If you can remove the lithium battery from the bag or have a carry-on smart bag, you should have no problems flying it.

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Now, here is a list of five popular airlines and their travel policies that you should know before traveling:


Jan. 15, 2018 with effect from Southwest Airlines “If the smart pack is in the aircraft cabin, a removable battery must be installed,” it says. In other words, you can bring any smart luggage as long as it has a removable battery. But any time a bag needs to be checked, if you need to check your carry-on at the gate, Southwest makes it clear that the customer must remove the battery first before boarding.




United Airlines only allows smart bags Removable lithium batteries. The airline asks you to take out the battery before checking the bag.




Jan. 15, 2018 with effect from Delta Only allows you to check-in smart bags with removable lithium batteries. Its guidelines also ban motorized smart bags — which are cool enough to pass through airports.




You can fly with smart luggage Jet Blue Until the lithium battery is removed from the bag and stored safely in the cabin.



Frequently Asked Questions


Smart luggage has built-in technology like smart locks, GPS tracking and personal hotspots that make packing and traveling easier.




Airlines have not completely banned all smart luggage. For passenger safety, most airlines require removable lithium-ion batteries in any smart luggage.




Suitcases with chargers are allowed on flights as long as the battery is removed. For example, if your luggage is equipped with an external battery bank, it must be discharged before turning the luggage inside.




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