Fashion entrepreneurs call for collaboration with government agencies

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Nigerian female fashion entrepreneur, Justina Wanda, has called on the government to collaborate with agencies to identify hidden talent in Nigeria and give the Nigerian fashion industry global recognition.

Wanda made the call during the first edition of the Creators Fair and Fashion Show held in Abuja at the weekend by her fashion company Justwan Design Couture with the theme “Afrocentric”.

He said: “It is well known that organizing an event of this class requires effort, focus and precision and it is my team who plan and execute this event on a daily basis as we see it today. Art is life. Nigerians express our culture through art and creativity to the world for excellence. Something known among us.

“I invite you to reconsider our entertainment industry and see how Nigerian music has made a huge impact within and outside the African continent. The Nigerian fashion industry, like entertainment, is currently gaining global recognition.

“These are positive developments that need to be encouraged. In line with the need to promote this global recognition among others, Justwan Design Couture decided to create a platform for creators to showcase their creativity and unique styles at this year’s Creators Fair and Fashion Show.

“AFROCENTRIC seeks to achieve, among others, the following: To showcase the rich cultural heritage and identity of Nigerians and the arts and crafts that Nigeria has developed. Nigeria being the most populous black nation on earth, our sense of style is a force to reckon with anywhere and at all times. If we are to compete favorably with global brands, this We need to think about platforms like ours that encourage initiatives as a people and collaborate with government agencies to identify hidden talent in our nation.

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“One sure way to do this is that our local content is so rich and abundant. Justwan will be available to lead the region beyond the shores of this country. Show that Nigerian brands are globally competitive and have global acceptance and love. Years of conscious efforts, hard work and resilience These were achieved through

“Some of these brands will be on our runway tonight. It is my pleasure to thank you to formally inform you that we will hold this as an annual event, keeping our eyes on the best brands in Nigeria and Africa on the world stage.

“As I take you through our showrooms and our fashion show, where you will purchase from our vast array of products, we would like to inform you as we seek your consideration to explore our various mutually beneficial partnership opportunities.” she said.

One of the fashion designers, Timi Olagbemiro, Timi Exclusive Clothier, called for support for made-in-Nigeria clothes: “Actually this support is not surprising, but thank God, if not for passion, I don’t think so. Could have continued, but thank God, it’s still inspiring.

“I think fashion shows play a positive role in my business because we need awareness to keep putting ourselves out there for people to see.

“I want the government to promote the Nigerian brand, they should try and make sure we are in the limelight, instead of promoting imports, the government should support and subsidize what is made in Nigeria.”


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