Enso Group founder and entrepreneur Vinay Maloo has assumed the role of trustee in his foundation.

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There are some who only focus on achieving their personal goals and chasing after their personal successes, and then there are those who believe in working for others and putting their own advancement first. This attitude and approach has led quite a few individuals and professionals to a life of greater peace, happiness and joy from within. “When people start working with a bigger purpose in life and make sure to give back to communities and societies, they go on to earn more than they could ever imagine in their lives and journeys,” says Vinay Maloo. In the business world with his joint venture Enzo Group as founder and chairman.

He always believed that in order to bring good to others, a person should first develop a humanitarian attitude within himself and spread goodwill among others to do good in the society. Apart from the various companies he built in the form of the Enso Group, which flourished in various sectors like oil and gas, infrastructure, real estate, healthcare, solar energy and mineral mining, he made sure to do more for the people around him. With his philanthropic work leading to the birth of Enso Foundation (https://www.ensofoundation.in/).

Sources said that Vinay Maloo has recently taken over as a trustee in his foundation, which provides the necessary funds to various NGO projects under it to achieve a sustainable future. As a group of philanthropists, led by Vinay Maloo, they work in harmony with many non-profit organizations, private companies and charities to accelerate the progress of the nation.

Speaking further about Enzo Foundation, Vinay Maloo said, We established it in 2013 as a charitable arm of the Enzo Group, which since its inception in 2005, has grown into a diversified group of MNCs. The most talked about faith is located in Mumbai, India. They are always committed as philanthropists to work honestly and faithfully with their collaborators in their journey towards a better and sustainable future. This is another major reason why Enzo Foundation has become such a big name.

And, he adds, their foundation bridges the gap between donors and their own version of what needs to be done by connecting resources to needs. Vinay Maloo highlights that Enzo Foundation’s mission is to create mass awareness and brighten lives by providing healthy living, sustainable development and well-being of communities and educational opportunities in every possible way. They are clear in their vision of helping people in need and working with other non-profit organizations to rehabilitate the already horrendous reality.

After taking charge as a trustee in his foundation, Vinay Maloo now looks after the welfare of his foundation workers and wants to continue spreading this kindness among others throughout his life.


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