Elon Musk’s Twitter won’t censor or boost hate speech

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Twitter unveiled new rules for handling hate speech Saturday as part of a new franchise Elon Musk’s Vow We need to make the social media company an outspoken bastion of free expression.

“People will see profanity in tweets when they follow an account” According to a post From Twitter Security Official Account. “However, we will not amplify tweets that contain profanity or hate speech, and will not serve ads near those tweets.”

Unmasking or suppressing tweets containing hateful comments is not an option, the account explained.

“Context matters, not all instances of profanity are used in a hateful manner,” the anonymous official posted. “For example anti-speech, catchphrases and profanity may be used in lyrics.”

The Twitter account also published two charts showing its daily use of English-language slur words — and That said, the statistics are revealing There has been “a steady downward trend in actual hateful language impressions” on the platform since Musk completed his purchase in October.

Critics said the hate speech was too much on stage.
Twitter has announced that it has reduced its impact on hateful tweets.
Twitter security
Musk's current
In recent months Twitter has seen a decline in profanity.
Twitter security

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On Thursday, California Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff He said he was “demanding action”. Alleging that from Twitter There has been a sharp rise in hate speech Ever since the world’s richest man took over.

Musk He denied the allegation — and in a tweet that did so Schiff slapped a “social note” opposing the charge.

Musk is on the move “Twitter Files” threads It has exposed several cases of viewpoint-based censorship allegedly at the hands of previous leaders of the platform.


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