Elon Musk Gets This Crisp Advice From AOC After Twitter Bans Some Journalists

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Twitter owner Elon Musk suspended the accounts of several journalists on the microblogging site late Thursday.

Affected accounts include those of CNN’s Tony O’Sullivan, New York Times technology reporter Ryan Mack, Washington Post’s Drew Harwell and journalist Aaron Ruber.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York), often referred to as AOC, expressed her opinion on the matter on social media.

“You are a public figure. Very controversial and powerful. I feel insecure but resorting to abuse of power and banning journalists indiscriminately increases the intensity around you,” he tweeted. “Take a beating and drop the anti-fascism. Maybe try putting your phone down.”

Twitter’s move seemed to contradict Musk’s claim that one of the reasons he bought Twitter was because he was a free speech advocate. He calls himself a free speech activist.

Musk cited dogging, or the sharing of personally identifiable information, as a reason for the suspensions.

On Wednesday, Musk suspended the account of @elonjet after it publicly disclosed the location of his private jet.

There is no indication as of this writing that the suspended journalists have specifically recorded information about Musk or the whereabouts of his jet.

Rupar, In a post on SubstackHe said he posted a tweet linked to a Facebook page for an account tracking the jet.

“Maybe it did” Rupar wrote. “But I still don’t know what principle it might violate.”


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