Donald Trump’s 11 Worst Snake Oil Ads on True Community

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Truth Community logo on broken screen.


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Former President Donald Trump is said to have planned Abandon the truth society, the defunct social media site he created after Twitter and Facebook kicked him off their sites. But in recent months, both Twitter And Facebook He was welcomed back. That’s bad news for Truth Social, which, like all social media platforms, makes money by keeping users’ attention long enough to show them ads. If there is already garbage on the site of the sewer garbage ad, however, report The New York TimesIt’s hard to imagine how Truth Social’s ads could get any worse.

The twice-fired poster-in-chief has yet to start posting on Twitter or Facebook, perhaps because he has an exclusive deal with Truth Social. But it expires in June, and he put a message on the platform—calling its posts “Facts”—that sounded like a farewell.

“Facebook, which has lost billions of dollars in value since they ‘deplatformed’ me, your favorite president, has announced that they are reactivating my account. This should never happen again to a sitting president or anyone else who doesn’t deserve revenge! Thank you Truth Community for doing such an incredible job. Your growth Great, the future is limitless!!!

Donald Trump says “bye-bye.”

Even with Trump still posting, Truth Social is having a tough time. The site burns $1.7 million a month. Truth’s CEO Devin Nunes (best known for being the only member of Congress will be harassed by a cow) celebrated his ailing social media platform in a press release as “the best place for businesses to connect with an extraordinarily engaged audience.”

Trump Media & Technology Group, which owns Truth Social, did not return a request for comment on its ads.

The quote is obvious snake oil advertising garbageA miracle cure for weapons, geriatric ailments, fake products, and junk.

Take advantage of this amazing marketing opportunity and see the best business for yourself. God only knows what the stage will look like if Trump gives his signature “bye-bye.”


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