Degenheim, Kiwami, Pesky Penguins, VOX Collectibles: Town Star and more collections added to Kraken NFT

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We are pleased to announce that we have added Ten New NFT Collections For Kraken NFT to explore, collect and trade our current beta testers. After exposure Top 70 Collections Earlier this year, and Dozens in the past few weeksWe’ve carefully selected these new collections so you can continue building the NFT collection of your dreams with zero gas fees.*

We continue to add new NFT collections every week – from the hottest profile picture communities to the latest gaming experiences – across the Ethereum and Solana blockchains.

Here are the new bundles launching on Kraken NFT today:

Ethereum Collections:

  • 3 Landers
  • Degenheim
  • Kiwami
  • My pet thug
  • Newlings
  • VOX
  • Super normal

Solana Collections:

  • OG Atadians
  • Pesky penguins
  • The Smiths

Your opinion is important

Feedback from beta testers will help shape Kraken NFT before taking it to the global market. Check out our support center for any frequently asked questions about using the marketOr get in touch Kraken support 24/7 for help.

If you are new to the world of NFTs, you can visit our site Learning Center Find out what all the excitement is about.

You can too Browse our carefully selected list of the top 70 NFT collections Available to explore, collect and trade during the beta testing phase.

If you weren’t selected for a chance to try the Kraken NFT beta, follow along Kraken Blog Our social accounts will be the first to know when the full public beta launches.

Follow our Kraken NFT Twitter!

That’s right, we launched a new Twitter account for all things NFTs! Follow us on Twitter Krakennft Be the first to know about all the exciting things happening at Kraken NFT.

Will Kraken make more NFTs available?

Yes! But it’s our policy not to divulge any details until just before launch – which NFTs we’re considering. You can find all available NFTs on Kraken Our websiteAnd all future NFTs will be announced on that day Kraken is NFT’s Twitter. Our Customer Engagement Specialists cannot answer any questions about what properties we may make available in the future.

Trade with caution

Certain asset balances and liquidity are not guaranteed. When Kraken makes an NFT collection available for trading, it is not recommended to buy, sell, or participate in the related collection. Do your own research and invest at your own risk.

*Gas fees are charged when transferring NFTs and other cryptocurrencies in and out of the Kraken platform.


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