Dating ‘Red Flags’ According to Tinder, Keel Users

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If you’ve been swiping on a dating app lately, you’ve probably noticed that your potential matches are full of bios. Red flag Emoji – this year it is was One of the most frequently used emojis in Tinder bios, according to the app’s data.

Some red flags are very specific to the person (think: “Don’t love dogs!”) but others are more general.

All of them can derail your bid for a long-term partnership — something many singles have revealed this year before it even begins.

In 2022, 50% of singles said they would have been happier in the past year if they had been in a relationship. In 2021, 35% received the same answer.

Here are four red flags you might be a match for, according to dating app data.

Drunk on the first date

Three-in-four singles Don’t want to get drinks on the first dateAccording to Hing’s data.

Of those surveyed, 45% said they prefer relaxed dates because they prioritize their mental health, and 55% said it helps them get to know the other person better.

What to do instead?

Well, 17% of in-use daters prefer coffee. About 11% would like to see a show or go to a museum, and 14% would like to go for a walk.

Being ‘too’ on Instagram

According to Kiel users, people who are “high” on Instagram or Snapchat tend to be self-absorbed.

That’s why 74% said they wouldn’t want to date someone who regularly uses social networking apps.

When on a date, it’s best to put the phone down.

No political or social issues are known

According to Tinder data, being aware of social and political issues is a big plus for daters.

75% of singles look for a match who respects or is invested in social issues.

And nearly half, 47% of singles, identify as a non-voter with the person they’re dating “Deal Breaker.”

This does not mean that your views have to be perfectly aligned with the potential partner. Only 24% of users said they would like to date someone who thinks exactly like them, and 46% would rather date someone with different political views.

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