CRED store presents BidBlast – A rewarding shopping experience for members

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CRED Store has always aimed to create rewarding shopping experiences for its members, and with the recent introduction of BidBlast, CRED is taking that experience a step further. Over the years, CRED has strived to ensure that every experience in their app is a statement. It also includes exciting campaigns like Independence Day, Republic Day and Siblings Day. Most recently, CRED ran an impressive and successful campaign during the ICC T20 World Cup, where the winners received a trip to Paris, the latest iPhone, a BMW bike and more. BidBlast is one of the latest builds aimed at elevating the membership experience.

What is BidBlast?

BidBlast is a bidding game that members can play using CRED coins, which means that no real money is required to play the game, and if your bid is very low and unique, you will receive a reward for free. (versus a traditional auction where the highest, most unique bidder wins)CRED members can start bidding for new rewards daily at 6:00 PM today, and winners will be announced at 9:00 PM.
The CRED Store.

What will you win when you place your bids with Bidblast?

3 Mega Rewards can be claimed by 3 different members every day and all participants can shop a wide range of curated products from the best brands in the CRED Store at member-exclusive price ranges.

Here is the reward schedule for the first week:

● December 21: Java 42 Motorcycle

● 22 December: A trip to Krabi & Phuket

● 23 December: Bounce Infinity

● December 24: iPhone 14 Pro

● 25 December: Sony Bravia 65-inch TV

With a mission to celebrate and reward credit-worthy individuals, CRED is a transparent and comprehensive digital platform for the most credible individuals, brands and organizations. CRED, with its empathic approach to design, makes financial decisions visible, enjoyable and rewarding to its members, facilitating access to a better life in the form of exclusive rewards and experiences. Admission to CRED is based on individual credit scores. Access CRED on iOS and Android.

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