Canadian Dividend Kings List – 50+ Years Dividend Increase!

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Investing in Dividend Kings (Dividend Aristocrats) is back in style in 2022, after a decade of fast performance for tech growth stocks. Click here to go directly to my 2023 exams.

As we head into 2023, the Canadian market has really shown its worth compared to volatile peers around the world. Who knows, the promise of emerging markets may one day mean a higher average overall rate of return over the next 30 years – but I’d take the steady growth (and limited downside) of Canadian dividend kings for my portfolio needs and risks. options.

While inflationary pressures look like they’re starting to ease, tax revenue numbers continue to hold up well, making up for the bulk of Canada’s all-star dividend. Actual income depends on profit margins and ability to control costs. So far so good for the major Canadian blue chippers on this Dividend Kings list.

With most Canada’s Best Dividend Stocks Being part of long-term market oligopolies, we see that they have been able to maintain or grow their profit margins – meaning higher profits for shareholders.

With no news of dividend cuts (or even suspensions), dividend-focused investors are finding it easier to navigate stormy market waters compared to growth stock enthusiasts.

Top Canadian Dividend King Pick for 2023: National Bank

Our top Canadian dividend king pick for 2021 is Enbridge. Given the company’s track record of solid returns and rewarding shareholders, I felt the valuation was significantly off.

The role rewarded me A capital gain of over 21% and a dividend yield of 8.1% (at the time of purchase) the gross return is about 29.5%. This compares to the Canadian Dividend Elite ETF’s overall return of 25% for the TSX (27%) and CDZ.

Our Canadian dividend king for 2022 is National Bank (NA).

Although I was more confident when I chose National Bank, I continue to believe in my investment thesis.

National Bank’s quarterly results and earnings per share beat $2.35 A share is notable due to the significant underperformance of NB. The company’s Canadian operations continue to have impressive profit margins – and given the strength of Quebec’s regional economy (home base of the National Bank) I see no reason why this won’t continue.

Of all Canadian banks, National Bank has been the most generous in raising dividends over the past 3- and 5-years — but even though that dividend is generous, it still has the lowest payout ratio. It boxes well

While the provision for loan losses (PCLs) in 2023 will catch banks a little, overall I don’t see it as a significant intervention. I wrote more about the loan loss provisions set aside by financial institutions Invest in Canadian bank stocks Article.

Banks should continue to benefit from widening interest rate spreads, and the very reason they do so is because they carefully build reserves. Solid long term investments.

My insights into National Bank — as well as the 2023 Canadian Dividend Kings list below — are based on my own research, but rely heavily on the advice and tools provided by Dividend Stocks Rock.

Not only does DSR offer great written advice, it also offers a ton of free webinars and great tools for analyzing the Canadian and US dividend markets. Read my DSR review For an in-depth look at why I’m such a big fan of what fellow Canadian Mike Heroux co-created.

BTW – As an extra vote of confidence in my National Bank selection, you can see Mike Heroux listing it as one of his five most undervalued Canadian dividend stocks. Having worked for Mike National Bank for many years, if anyone understands this company inside and out – it’s him!

Dividend Lords and Dividend Kings offer sustainable growth

Indeed, several studies (eg Vanguard) demonstrated that dividend farmers are likely to outperform the market and do so with low volatility. Dividend growers like the top Canadian Dividend Aristocrats will continue to increase their dividends in 2023.

Canadian companies with a long history of dividend growth generally demonstrate a strong business model and strong financials. They have weathered several recessions and never stopped increasing dividend payments. In times of chaos and fear, you can look back at how companies weathered past crises and kept their dividends alive.

I use the dividend strategy for my leveraged portfolio, a significant portion of my RRSP and our corporate portfolio. Currently collecting a little more $73,000/year Dividends and if you’re interested, you can follow me TheDesD Dividend update here.

In the past, I’ve written several articles on dividend growth stocks that I haven’t properly categorized. Here are the most common dividend terms associated with the US stock market:

  • A Dividend Achiever A company that has at least increased its dividend 10 consecutive years;
  • A Dividend Contender is a trade A company that has raised dividends 10 to 24 years consecutively.
  • A Dividend Champion A company that has increased its dividend for at least 25 consecutive years (Whether it’s part of the S&P 500 or not);
  • A Dividend Aristocracy A company that is part of the S&P 500 and has at least increased its dividend 25 consecutive years;
  • A Dividend King A company that has at least increased its dividend 50 consecutive years. The real cream of the crop.

Dividend Lords and Dividend Kings in Canada

Here in Canada, we have a relatively small market and a small list of quality dividend stocks. In the previous article about Best Canadian Dividend Growth StocksYou’ll see many dividend achievers (10 years+), a few dividend aristocrats (25 years+), but no dividend kings in Canada (although FTS (48) and CU (49) come close).

As of January 2023

Canadian National Railways

Canadian National Resources Limited

Finning International Inc

Cokeco Communications Inc.

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Canadian Dividend Aristocrat Definition

While I used the terms dividend achievers and dividend aristocrats for the Canadian stock market in the previous section, I should highlight that the official definition of a Canadian dividend aristocrat differs from that established in the United States.

To be considered an S&P Canadian Dividend Lord, a company must have increased its dividend payout. Every year for five years – So we look at stocks that have good potential to raise dividends, but are still a long way from 25 consecutive years.

List of Dividend Kings

In a few years, we could have a short list of Canadian dividend kings (including Fortis and Canadian Utilities). Meanwhile, where can we find these elusive dividend kings? You have to look at the biggest market in the world – America! In the US, 30 dividend kings have increased dividends for at least 50 consecutive years.

A table is provided here Dividend stocks rock:

Stanley Black & Decker, Inc.

Cincinnati Financial Corp.

Federal Realty Investment Trust

American States Water Co.

California Water Service Commission

Northwest Natural Holding Co.

Buy dividend stocks using the best discount brokers

We are constantly reviewing and Compare discount brokers By focusing specifically on free ETFs, you can restructure your portfolio without paying more than you should. Read about the most popular brokers like Qtrade And Questrate As well as the likes of robo-advisors Wealth is simple And learn how to maximize your savings!

Currently, the best place to buy Canadian dividend ETFs is Qtrade. Not only is it the best online broker in Canada by a fair margin, Qtrade is the only place you can buy it And Sell ​​ETFs for free.

Here is the same table Sorted by yield:

Federal Realty Investment Trust

Stanley Black & Decker, Inc.

Northwest Natural Holding Co.

Cincinnati Financial Corp.

American States Water Co.

California Water Service Commission

As you can see from the list, some of these names are highly recognizable with global brand awareness and long-term competitive advantage. Names like Procter & Gamble, Coke, Johnson & Johnson, 3M, Colgate and Lowe’s.

You will also notice that most of them show low dividend yields. Dividend King has an average yield of 2.74% and an average dividend growth of 6.50%. It goes to show that one has to pay for quality. Finally, most dividend farmers will offer shareholders not only increased dividends, but also fixed capital appreciation.

As a disclaimer, I have the following dividend kings into my RRSP: Procter & Gamble; 3M; Emerson Electric; Coca Cola; target; and, Johnson & Johnson. Also, this post is not intended to provide recommendations for your portfolio, but a starting point for your research.

Canadian Dividend King Frequently Asked Questions

Canadian Dividend King 2023 Outlook

While everyone else is trying to get rich quick on my latest crypto trade, meme stock, or NFT, I want to carefully and consistently look for companies that can make a profit for their shareholders.

What a crazy idea right?

The truth is, if you are a patient investor who understands the value of sustained long-term upside, Canada is the place to be. Our Canadian dividend kings are able to lock in long-term profits because of their positions in safe oligopolies.

If you want a thorough understanding of Canadian Dividend Kings and US Dividend Lords, I recommend checking out one of Mike Heroux’s upcoming free webinars.

If you’re interested in dividend investing, here it is More Dividend Stock Investment Information:



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