Best Play-To-Earn Crypto Games

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Play to earn crypto games as part of the gaming industry have recently become a great choice for crypto lovers, offering players the opportunity to earn while playing. Today, the crypto games industry is worth billions due to the underlying blockchain technology that has helped create a new digital economy.

The best play to earn crypto games do what traditional video games can’t do – and that’s reward players for playing and spending time in the game. Each game has a unique way of rewarding players and they vary from crypto to NFTs and more. Some of the best crypto play to earn games require an investment before playing, but there are many that are free to play.

The best game to get crypto version of games are defined as crypto games that give players an opportunity to enjoy the game, engage in battles, create characters and complete quests and missions. By doing that, players can get a form of in-game currency that can be used to buy an NFT or crypto or transfer the reward to a crypto wallet and then trade in the crypto market and real-world application.

Basically, the opportunity to use these rewards in the real world motivates players to engage in this type of game, which is why some of the best play-and-earn games have become popular.

Having said that, we are going to discuss some more about the best crypto earning games and what they have to offer.

Which is the best game to get crypto games for 2022?

The best crypto play for earning games offers different features, rewards and different gameplay experiences. Let’s start from the beginning.

1. Sandbox: A Blockchain Based Crypto Game

Sandbox is one of the best games to earn crypto and blockchain based games and it allows players to get creative and use their imagination.

Sandbox is built as an Ethereum-based open-world game, while minimizing its carbon footprint and fees. It is one of the most popular GameFi Token programs and the game is very similar to Minecraft.

Players can design games and create their own worlds while going on adventures. Then, once the player is done building and creating, the “world” can be sold for profit or used as a mini-game for other players to play and pay for.

Sand box

The most valuable resource in the game is land and each piece of it is actually an NFT, which stands for virtual land ownership. Players can create unique locations and rent LEND to other players. However, creativity is the best way to make money in the game. You can create NFTs and sell them on the market, for which you will receive the in-game currency SAND.

Also, players can price their NFTs anywhere from $1 to $4800, but can monetize them by buying land and renting or selling it to other players for profit.

2. Decentraland: 3D world building game

Another one of our best crypto game to earn games is Decentraland. The game’s own token is called Mana, created by Esteban Artano and Ariel Meilich.

Decentraland allows players to monetize their virtual real estate. In the game, there are 90,600 unique lands and here, players can build and create buildings, landscapes, parks, cities and any other NFT that their imagination allows.

decentralizedand, games, crypto

With digital assets, players can create gaming challenges, tasks, requests, social experiences, and events that bring them more money when other players participate. Decentraland also has a builder tool and marketplace to help bring the game to life. Players can create NFTs using the builder tool and then trade them to earn MANA.

The best way to make money with this game is to buy land, wait for its price to rise, and then sell it for a profit. It can cost up to $3000 to buy a piece of land, but if you’re patient, the price can go up and then you can sell it for as much as you want.

3. Oxy Infinity – A very popular NFT crypto game

Axie Infinity is an Ethereum-based game, and specifically Axies—Ethereum-minted NFTs that players can grow, collect, breed, battle, and trade with other players.

There are many types of axes to choose from, and gamers can customize them endlessly. Once a player fights and wins in the game, he can get a soft love potion or SLP token, which can then be sold for Oxy Infinity Short Tokens, utility tokens for this game.

Axial infinity

The average monthly users playing this game is more than 500,000 even though the prices of SLP tokens are crashing and their supply is increasing. However, Oxy Infinity has a very loyal community.

4. Battle of Guardians – Best real-time NFT multiplayer game

Battle of the Guardians is probably one of the most popular multiplayer NFT games, developed by Unreal Engine, focused on sports battles and high rewards.

The gameplay is set in a multi-realm virtual gaming world and features three types of characters: humans, guards, and demons. All of these characters have their own specific attributes such as damage stats, intelligence, and health.

The way it works is players battle other players with different characters to try and earn the Bottle of Guardians Share, which is the game currency and governance token. Earnings often depend on players’ skill levels or known as tiers. There are three tiers: God of War Highest Tier, Legendary Warrior and Elite Fighter.

As part of the best crypto game to earn games, it offers many ways to earn money. The most common are participating in battles and completing tasks and various requests for rewards. However, there are NFTs in the game that can be traded.

There is even an option to rent out a character to other players and profit from it, which is a great way to earn passive income.

5. Lucky Black – There are more than 2700 games

Lucky Black is the best way to earn more money while playing as it enables players to play over 2700 games from slots, live casinos, table games and more.

Many popular and well-known providers like Microgaming and Evolution have their games on this platform, allowing players to play games like Triple Royal Gold, Roulette, Blackjack and Poker.

The platform also works as a bitcoin casino and allows you to bet on more than 30 sports options such as sports markets for FIFA, NFL, NBA and more.

To play Lucky Block, it only takes a few seconds to register with an email. There are no KYC processes and you don’t need to verify the email address. Players can enjoy various bonuses and cashback and become a part of the loyalty program.

Also, this gaming platform is offering $10,000 airdrop in LBLOCK native token. The minimum deposit to play is $1 and players can also use cryptos like DOGE, ETH and BTC to fund their accounts. What’s great about this is that players can also make in-game payments through Apple Pay, Bank Wire, Google Pay and more.

6. Unbound Gods

Gods Unchained is also one of the best play to get games crypto versions developed by the same team Invariant XEthereum Tier-2 Scaling Solution.

It is one of the most popular games and the reason for its popularity is that it is built on Ethereum and uses immutable X, where all decentralized applications can trade peer-to-peer without fees.

The game is built on Ethereum, which means the built-in market uses ETH as currency, so each player will need a MetaMask wallet or another backer wallet. Also, you need to register and create an account to play the game, but as a new player, you will be given free cards to start with.

Unbound Gods

Gods Unchained has a GODS Token called GODS Token, which is an ERC-20 token, and players will also have the power to vote by holding tokens on the non-transferable X to create NFTs, purchase items, and receive other rewards. Used to participate in management proposals.

7. Hierarchy

Although STEPN is not really a game, a Web3 lifestyle application It has gaming elements. The app offers great earning concepts so users can buy NFTs in the form of sneakers and use the GMT token as the main governance token.

Once they start running, walking or jogging outdoors, players will earn a GST game token. The goal is to bring people closer to a healthy lifestyle.


There are plenty of games for earning in the market and they differ in terms of earning methods, rewards, types and so on. However, what they all have in common is that they use cryptocurrencies and offer an opportunity to earn some extra cash or tokens.

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