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2008 and 2022 have many similarities: Stock markets crash, housing collapses, high levels of debt and investor portfolios crumble.

But there are several differences: ’08 was led by a housing bubble – today’s crash was primarily caused by a reversal of monetary policies.

Inflation was also healthy in 2008, and the central bank has already raised rates for several years.

However, investors compare the two market declines:

The white line represents the S&P 500 in 2022. If 2022/2023 follows 2008 – we could be in for another significant shift.

That’s a big “if.” And all speculation.

One of the biggest questions is whether or not the markets have bottomed out – and no one really knows the answer.

But if you’ve bought anywhere near the bottom during past market declines – you’ll have done well in the years to come.

Just ask investors in these companies—it’s made massive returns since the 2009 bottom.

Some takeaways:

  • Three During this period the S&P 500 companies became the 100 Bakers.
  • Six These stocks were short $500M At their bottom in market cap.
  • The largest is Apple (~$76B market cap), Nvidia (~$4B) and Netflix (~$2B)

In 2009 it was rare for a company the size of Apple to deliver such a large return. Stocks with high volatility are generally seen as stocks Small market capitalization – but they are also dangerous.

However, small-cap companies tend to benefit more when the economy recovers – making it an attractive hunting ground.


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