Best Headphones for iPhone Owners 2023: What Apart from AirPods?

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AirPods Great and all, but you heard me Anything else really?

Listening to music, podcasts, or audiobooks iPhone It makes perfect sense as its origins are steeped in the old days of the iPad. However, you need good headphones or earphones to get your audio experience. The ones bundled with your iPhone aren’t as good as a dedicated pair.

When looking for the best headphones for iPhone it’s important to know what you’re looking for. Here’s what you need to know and the best headphones and earphones for every situation in life.

Get to know your iPhone’s capabilities

It’s time to go wireless.

If you have an older iPhone, i.e. iPhone 7 or earlier, you still have a headphone jack, which means you can use older types of headphones and connect them via Bluetooth.

iPhone 8 or newer only has a Lightning port for charging and plugging in headphones, with the proper cable included.

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You can buy a dongle adapter, which means you can plug a regular headphone jack into the Lightning port, but that’s not entirely convenient. One, it’s not cheap to buy, and another, it’s very inconvenient to use your iPhone. The best option is to wirelessly connect your iPhone to headphones or earphones. It’s very convenient and you don’t have to deal with multiple cables.

Are AirPods the best option?

Yes and no. AirPods are great, especially the AirPods Pro, but they’re 20% off for Black Friday (get AirPods Pro for $199.99(opens in new tab) For a limited time on Amazon), they are expensive compared to competitors. They are definitely a good one-stop solution as they are very convenient to set up with your iPhone and they match the Apple aesthetic. However, if you want to shop around and spend some time setting up, there are better options depending on what you need your headphones for.

Can’t I buy a cheap pair of earbuds?

You can spend a few bucks on a cheap pair of headphones, but it’s rarely worth using the pair you already got with your iPhone. If you listen to music regularly, it’s worth investing a bit more in a more expensive pair, as you’ll be surprised at how much better the sound quality is. You can also benefit from additional features like active noise cancellation that blocks out surrounding noises while you’re listening to something.

What pair should I buy?

Think about the main reason you want new headphones. Are you going to use them when you travel a lot? Do you listen to music at home? While exercising? When you want to use headphones, we’ve looked at various scenarios to find the best headphones or earphones that suit you and your needs.


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