Avocado Targets Gen Z With Soft Insurance

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Insurtech Butter has raised $1.3 million as it prepares to launch a subscription cover for smart phones, ear pods, watches, laptops and “whatever you want”.

Insurtech has acquired an offshore loan and is set to integrate into the new eQR digital marketplace with eftpos next year, and hopes to expand to New Zealand and Asia after launching in Australia in the coming weeks.

Promoting “commitment-free coverage for the things you love,” Butter offers monthly or annual coverage for products within 60 days of purchase.

“Designer bag suddenly out of style? Got a new iPhone as a gift? No problem. You can always cancel your insurance,” says Butter.

It likens itself to AppleCare, but partners with a wide range of retailers to offer “basically anything.” Sydney-based co-founder Cassie Bell, who quit her job as a lawyer to run the startup, believes it’s profitable. , the insurance saysnews.com.au.

“We had pushback and people said, ‘Oh, it’s done, it’s failed,’ but there are two reasons why avocado is different from its predecessors,” he said.

Insuring new products alone will help curb fraudulent claims, and Butter’s retail partnerships will reach enough scale to stock up on a low-premium portfolio, he says.

“It’s definitely a volume business – we think we can get that volume through our distribution strategy, so the policies are more than the claims and we end up with a good loss ratio. That’s the strategy behind it.

“That kind of more flexible embedded insurance is becoming more popular. I think those micro premiums or more flexible premiums are doing really well.

Ms Bell came up with the idea for Butter – the names refer to something soft you can put on anything – while at a party with co-founder Steph Skevington, who was desperate to “add your snowboard or anything you want to insure”. an app and manage it like any other subscription.

“I broke a pair of earrings I had been given as a gift and she spilled water all over her laptop.

“We were complaining about how expensive it was to replace those things and how wonderful it would be to have insurance on things that didn’t have insurance that you really wanted and cared about. Your whole home,” Ms. Bell said.


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