American Airlines pilots just sent customers a dire warning (this isn’t good)

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I don’t want to bore you, but all is not well in the world of aviation.

After so much positive buzz from airline CEOs, one — United’s Scott Kirby — Agreed this week Business travel is getting better.

This may have something to do with businesses reducing the number of people they hire.

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Perhaps, however, If you think of vacation This equation may be good for you. More seating for those who want to get out and relax.

Also technically incorrect

But things don’t always go so smoothly, even with the best of intentions. So, I feel compelled to prepare you for the bumps in the air.

You see, the Pilots at American Airlines They should consider delaying the flights a bit. Or maybe even a lot.

No, they didn’t say that outright. But they seem to have a particular concern and believe that slowing things down is the best way to address it.

The issue at hand is the so-called known panel member screening system. You’ve probably seen it in action. If you’re a pilot or flight attendant, you’re allowed to go through security a little quicker, without being subjected to the same personal scrutiny that regular humans experience.

However, it seems that the occasional flight attendant may be using this (relative) freedom in illegal ways. you know, Type of drug trafficking. The TSA is said to have performed more secondary screenings to make sure there was no foul play.

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So, says Ed Sicher, president of the American Airlines Pilots Association, pilots are not happy.

Information, he Will be given: “It is not unusual for a pilot to be ‘randomly’ screened six or seven times in a row. The rate of these screenings has increased to the point where rapid screening at KCM has been replaced by unpredictable and in some cases long delays.”

Employers want to see flights turned around quickly, but if pilots are held up at this secondary screening, it causes delays, Sicher explained.

So the pilots’ solution seems to cause, oh, more delay.

Sicher said: “I recommend that we use standard passenger entry points for security screening when starting and connecting our shows. Those who choose to do so should not jump in front of passengers who may be inconvenienced and delayed due to unexpected reasons. The nature of TSA checkpoints.”

Thinking, at first glance.

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On second glance, however, there are still some of Sicher’s recommendations: “By temporarily bypassing the KCM crewmember screening checkpoints, we will highlight to TSA and management the problems with the system. Once KCM is fixed it will once again be a predictable mechanism for expedited security screening, encouraging our pilots to take advantage of this privilege.” I’ll be the first. Until then, you should consider using traditional TSA screening and wait in line with our passengers.”

I’m afraid you’re already there — now I’m afraid you won’t get where you want to go in time.

If pilots queue with others, it will take them longer to get through security and flights may be delayed.

We live in a time when pilots of all airlines are putting pressure on their employers. Delta’s pilots, for example, recently He threatened to go on strike If they don’t get a new contract. By a complete coincidence, the airline declared Last week it agreed to a raise of more than 30% with its pilots.

Perhaps, then, the swordsmanship of the American Airlines pilots will lead to a quick fix. Maybe customers will never have to stand with their pilots. Maybe everything will fly smoothly.

But all this evokes a slightly murky atmosphere, which leaves customers wondering what could have happened.

What they really want is a little peace.


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